1. Oonaugh_

    Scarecrow Tech - Anti-Wakeup Options with DB1

    A short but comprehensive guide explaining and demonstrating various anti-wakeup options with Scarecrow using DB1. Let me know what you think!
  2. GJX7

    Scarecrow MU Chart

    Welcome! I believe that it is very important that every character has a good MU chart thread; this is useful for people that just want to see the MU numbers upfront. Please note is chart will be constantly changing as the game is updated and as opinions are shared! Scarecrow MU Chart Aquaman 5...
  3. Oonaugh_

    Injustice 2 - Scarecrow Combos And Setups

    Hello and welcome to my second combo video! In this video, I demonstrate setups, and general combos with Scarecrow! You can find my first combo video here: Subscribe for more <3
  4. MasonBc

    Sick interactable combos from Impulse #bonehawks

    Don't know if anybody will see this but Patient-Impulse/ babyseal-pan has a list of insane interactable combos. All credit goes to him for finding these. #bonehawks Definitely check out his channel. red hood: cheetah: firestorm: superman: Brainiac: Scarecrow: Flash: Robin: Catwoman:
  5. bcfighting

    Scarecrow Combos & Tips with Cheeko

    Injustice 2 Pro Cheeko stops by the Body Count Fighting studio to share his favorite Scarecrow combos & tips. --- Body Count Fighting is a channel devoted to all things fighting games. Each week on YouTube we post Street Fighter 5, Injustice 2, and Tekken 7 combos & tips videos, grudge...
  6. PetrolHeadB95

    Injustice 2 - Scarecrow Combo Guide

  7. Mvaughan89

    Scarecrow Combos Question

    I can't seem to connect a single thing with him. I can't hit a b3 or anything out of a MB db1 or any of his strings. Everyone from pre-release was saying you could do 22 in dbf3 but that whiffs too. None of the combos I have found online seem to work either. Are they just really tight and I'm...
  8. Browiththefro

    [Tech] You can confirm a Full Screen Traumatize The timing is super precise, but it can be done
  9. Browiththefro

    Traumatize Combos!

    These are some fun, advanced and high damaging combos you can do with Traumatize. Without gear stats, they do from 45-54% damage. The timing can be funky on some of them. Message me on reddit if you need help. /u/BroWithTheFr0
  10. Ragnarök Tyr

    I am Your Fears Personified- Scarecrow Combo Thread

    Legend: 1 - Light Attack 2- Medium Attack 3- Heavy Attack 4- Trait B.B- Background Bounce B.C- Bounce Cancel T.M- Traumatize xx- Cancel DB1- Death Spin BF1- Scythe Grab DB3- Fear Toxin IAFB- Instant Air Fear Blast BF2- Toxin Breath DBF3- Schizophrenia DB2- Fear-Ferno J1- Jump 1...
  11. S

    Scarecrow Pre-release notes

    So I was invited to IGN in Australia to play Injustice 2 early, and I got about an hour and a half to myself and labbed Scarecrow. I thought id share my first impressions of the character as well as some details that may or may not be known. (While pretty much everything was playable including...