1. 4tifiedGaming

    [Offline] Gamers World Vernon Hills Weekly Tournaments! (Vernon Hills, IL)

    Greetings Kombatants! My name is Ken I am the T/O in charge of the Mortal Kombat 11 Tournaments. Gamers World has been branching out and evolving our store to house more events and make it a place for people to come freely and play various board games, and now video games to their hearts...
  2. iAteUrLife

    DFW - Injustice 2 Offline Scene

    Starting up a thread to find where in DFW area we can have some tourneys or local meets. Im new to Texas (moved July 3rd) Add me on xbox: R2A 1VinD im a Cheetah and Cyborg main always down for level up sessions/sets
  3. Boss Savage

    Question Should I be practicing Combos with "Offline input delay" Enabled or Disabled?

    I currently main Mystic Ermac and I've been practicing with Offline input delay enabled since the launch of MKXL with mild -/- moderate success. My issue is, at times, the delay is slightly more noticeable with combos that are more execution heavy and/or have stricter timing. This in turn is...