1. Psyren136

    Tarkatan Tech [Baraka Combo Thread]

    Post your combos and tech here and i will update the main post with the info. Notations: Front Punch=1 Back Punch=2 Front Kick=3 Back Kick=4 F=Forward D=Down B=Back U=Up U/F=Up Forward U/B=Up Back KB=Krushing Blow Baraka Barrage - Adds additional basic attacks Gutted - BF4 Blood Lunge -BF2...
  2. DanteDemonZ

    Scorpion (Chain Reaction) BnB Combo Video

    Combos from the stress test using the base chain reaction setup as well as some where you keep Death Spin but replace the other chain moves with Burning Spear for that extra damage. All using the B14, F43 and F32 starters. Note none of this combos are krushing blow combos, will make one with...
  3. Oonaugh_

    Injustice 2 - Scarecrow Combos And Setups

    Hello and welcome to my second combo video! In this video, I demonstrate setups, and general combos with Scarecrow! You can find my first combo video here: Subscribe for more <3
  4. HatecraftsWife

    Black Manta Week One BnBs

    This should go over just about every starter, as well as some side switch combos and interaction combos/set ups. Everything should be optimized for the most part. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  5. DanteDemonZ

    Doctor Fate BnBs

    Made a fate combo video, was halfway through making it when all the throw combos got taken away so had to spend time editing it. Completed it now, love this character so much. This version is just the trait combos. Credits to OmGxBdON, Pig and whoever else has probably shown half of these...
  6. SuperJesus VI

    Green Arrow Combo Thread

    Haven't seen a thread up yet so feel free to post your bnbs. Ill try to update as much as possible. *RAPTOR UPDATE* Combos from Noble Raptor, video at the bottom: Midscreen: F2D13 DF1 F2D1 DF1 MB B3 J3 111 DD4 F2D1 DF1 MB B3 DASH 3 DB1 B13 DD4 F2D1 D4 DASH DF4 J2 223 4 B3 J3 111 DD4...
  7. D

    Combo Video - Reptile Guide Reptile Nimble Post Patch 1.14

    Hi Folks! After 2 months finally my job let me free to find time to finish this video.I tried to put all...basic,AA,Bnbs,meterless basilisk,unbreables,braking armor,setups,hard combo damage...keeping an eye to the swaggy and the safety at the same time.I am not forced anyone to believe this is...
  8. HappyPow

    Combo Video - Nimble New BnBs Up to 60%

    Here are the new bnbs of Reptile, the regular combos Under slow motion. take a look and enjoy!