1. Eddy Wang

    Mortal Kombat 11 - 101 series extended pack #3 - Movement

    Learn about the Dash system and the main diferences in aplication when: Regular Dash Dash block Wavedash or Step in Dash Learn about Backdash Canceling and its applications in Kombat. @Vslayer @SaltShaker @Eldriken @Jimmypotato @ETC Mcfly @LawAbidingCitizen Tried to put as much quality as...
  2. The chosen puddle

    Possible grodd cross up bug

    Sooooo idk if this is intended or not but grodds 22 1+3 string crosses up on the last hit on certain characters if they try crouch blocking holding back. The characters I have tested that it crosses up on so far are atrocitus , swamp thing , canary , and aquaman. It doesn't work on batman so idk...