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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by BeefSupreme, May 10, 2012.

  1. BeefSupreme

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    I have recently found a solution to my cigarette addiction that actually worked for me and I am hella stoked about it. So stoked in fact, that I was inspired to create this thread as a place for anyone who is trying to quit to discuss what they've done that worked, failed, how hard it was for you, what your triggers were, how you overcame them...all that jazz.

    So lets start with me-
    I was a 2 pack a day smoker, smoked immediately after waking up in the morning. I tried cold turkey...massive failure. Tried patches and gum to the same result. I tried regular e-cigs, while It helped with the cravings and obviously weren't cancerous, I couldn't stand the taste and it drove me back to the real thing. THEN, I discovered personal vaporizers. What these are are basically a super fancy e-cig that allow you to vape your nicotine in the strength you want amongst flavors of your choice. So when Im getting my nicotine, not only can I use it in a bar, but it tastes like apple jolly ranchers. Which is a bonus for sure. Without plugging my exact setup, you can find information on these devices at places like Two days into using it I never even though about a cigarette ever again. And its awesome!

    So my question to you...
    What are you struggles with quitting, what has worked for you or people you know? Lets get all this info in one place so if any of our MK bretheren who are needing to quit can come here get info from fellow players.

    If you want to quit, YOU CAN! You just have to find what works for you. And know that there are more options out there than gum and patches. POST UP!
  2. Beast3

    Beast3 The Armored Kombatant

    I don't smoke, but I just want to say congratulations! Takes a lot of willpower to push through that.
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  3. BeefSupreme

    BeefSupreme @MK_BeefSupreme
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    Much appreciated. I really wanna help others help eachother now.

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  4. greguu

    greguu CStat

    Good for you man! Hope that you stay successful in your effort.
  5. BeefSupreme

    BeefSupreme @MK_BeefSupreme
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    I hope others that wish to can do the same. That's why I made this so people can talk it out, vent and support one another in their efforts

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  6. aj1701

    aj1701 Premium Supporter
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    So are you still doing the nicotine?
  7. Alice

    Alice Haaave you met Sektor?

    For first i thought it was quitting the char. lol.
  8. Spletty

    Spletty Grandmaster

    I was a can a day chewer for about 5 years, then my girlfriend made me quit. Cold turkey and haven't thought about it in 5 months, but yeah quitting tobacco is hard as hell. If I could go back id kick my 15 year old self in the nuts for even trying it.

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  9. 1man3letters

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    nice thread idea and well done on the quitting

    personally ive smoked for last 8 years and in the last year or so ive tried cutting down and going cold turkey with no love to stop mostly for health reasons,my dad smoked and died pretty young

    how did these personal vaporizers help? by just making your smoking taste like candy?
  10. Enenra

    Enenra Go to hell.

    l Enenra l
    I smoked once...

    Now I'm addicted to crack.
  11. STB Sgt Reed

    STB Sgt Reed Online Warrior

    So now you're smoking... vapor that tastes like jolly ranchers? And it's not bad for you? :confused:
  12. Squeaker101

    Squeaker101 A waffle on the stage of life.

    I guess you could say I struggle quitting. I haven't had one all this year though. I usually have a smoke when I'm feeling down. Lately I've just been indulging in the internet. One thing I've found helpful it not talking about it. Once you talk about it or are around people talking about, you start to have the mindset "Just one, for now" or "One won't hurt" and that's when you throw yourself over. Talking about other things help, especially if you and the other people are enthusiaastic about it. (MK) Congrats! I hope I don't break this streak.
  13. BeefSupreme

    BeefSupreme @MK_BeefSupreme
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    Correct. its an e cig bro. Only it doesn't taste like tobacco. Most importantly, no cancer. But I digress, this is not about me. This is for those who are trying to quit for their health and want to discuss amongst their mk cohorts.
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  14. BeefSupreme

    BeefSupreme @MK_BeefSupreme
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    Yes. But in decreasing strengths until Im off completely.

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  15. I use ego batteries 510 cartomizers and drip tips. I like atomic cinnacide juice from tasty vapors :)

    By the way it is ten times more addictive then smoking if you use any juice over 16 mg. But it is way cheaper. and no cancer
  16. BeefSupreme

    BeefSupreme @MK_BeefSupreme
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    Well, same concept as an electronic cigarette.(nicotine infused water vapor) but mine is a little fancy in that I can chose the flavors and the nicotine strength I want. So I'm not stuck puffing on a shitty, pseudo-tobacco flavored ecig. The reason I went to it, is the physical part, inhaling and exhaling was as big a part as the nicotine for me. So it was the most logical solution at this juncture. Now I'm weening down the nicotine strength until eventually I'm down to none at all.

    Check out and look at the prodigy v3 and check some of the videos out. I got turned on to it by some friends at work. We work in a data center so there is very little time to go out side for smoke breaks. So now we all have prodigy v3s and don't have to worry it as we're, allowed to use them in the building. Pretty awesome.
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  17. BeefSupreme

    BeefSupreme @MK_BeefSupreme
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    This guy knows what's up. I use 510 tanks/carto from pure smoker. And yes, anything over 16mg(1.6%) will wire you the hell out lol. I usuallly hit some 16 in the a.m,, then its .8 at work n shit. I don't mind having a nicotine habit, but that cancer thing....I hear it's frowned upon.
    My humble setup-
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  18. If you want really good tasting custom juice check out They custom mix for you. And they are cheap at $15 for a 30ml bottle, and one week a month they are buy two get one free. They even give you what ever pg/vg ratio you want. And if you're like me they sell vg, and pg base so you can buy high mg liquid, and cut it down to save money. Just ask for extra flavor.

  19. BeefSupreme

    BeefSupreme @MK_BeefSupreme
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    I'll check it out. I get my eliquid from puresmoker, vixen vapors, and vapor kings. I'm a pg guy.

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  20. Is that multi voltage?
  21. aj1701

    aj1701 Premium Supporter
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    Thats what I thought. Thats great man, whatever works. I wish my dad would quit. Nicotine isn't great for you either, but at least youre not getting the other crap thats in a real sig. Keep it up!
  22. yautjared

    yautjared talk to the hand
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    I smoked for 10 years, but , one day, I decided to finish off the addiction, and I went for the cold turkey method, without regrets. So, have been passed 2 years without any cigarette anymore, and I feel much better without smoking

    During the first 6 months, any time that any trace of thoughts regarding coming back to smoke, tried to come into my mind, I went for drink a glass of powdered chocolate with milk, and the cigarette temptation just fade away. Worked for me.
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  23. BeefSupreme

    BeefSupreme @MK_BeefSupreme
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    Never thought of that. Chocolate releases endorphins when you eat it, so thsy actually makes sense. Good stuff
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  24. SunnyD

    SunnyD 24 Low Hat!

    uhhh....arent you, like 15 years old? :confused:
  25. Squeaker101

    Squeaker101 A waffle on the stage of life.

    18. It says right on my profile...
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