Syco Collectibles Releases More Early Images of Shao Kahn 1:2 Bust!

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    My personal reaction to seeing this thing was my jaw hanging... Syco Collectibles JUST released a few more images of the upcoming Shao Kahn 1:2 bust! This thing is a monster and a Mortal Kombat collector's dream... no lie! With it being a 1:2 scale bust, if I can remember correctly, it means that this thing could be as tall as 2' or 24" which is absolutely godlike!
    kahn1.jpg kahn2.jpg kahn3.jpg

    Check it out here:
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  2. pherleece

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  3. Z-911-Z

    Z-911-Z Bone and Metal

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    The helmet's removable? Dammit, if I were made of money I would buy this in a heartbeat....
  4. N0rdicNinja

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    Do want!
  5. BDMao88

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    It would be more affordable if they just made it out of chocolate like an Easter Bunny.
  6. N0rdicNinja

    N0rdicNinja MAKombat TO

    DO WANT!!!
  7. Z-911-Z

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    He should be made of caramel, because we know Kahn is just too sweet.
  8. 1man3letters

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    sweet! and the removable helmet is such a good idea

    (still waiting for them to announce a baraka one:coffee:)
  9. AR-15

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    1st time i ever seen Shao Khan without the helmet:
    Mind = Blown. lol

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