Post-Seasons Beatings Interview with GGA Wafflez

Discussion in 'Tournament & Event Aftermaths' started by CRUM, Oct 3, 2012.


Discussion in 'Tournament & Event Aftermaths' started by CRUM, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. FrothyOmen
    Hooray, I get mentioned as existing.

    CRUM, why didn't you expose wafflez as the scrub he is for not money matching me at SB? He dodged our matches for Stunning Amy, and I will not stand for this. I need his money to buy my new PCB.
  2. CRUM
    I'll bring this up the next time around
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    Tumblr is banned on my work's network, so I cant wait to read off of work!
  4. Faded Dreams V
    He shocked the community when he beat m2dave? lol.
  5. GGA 16 Bit
    This was "hella" good.
  6. CRUM
    That was more so directed toward Jr. But LBSH, m2dave was pretty highly ranked prior to this tournament
  7. Faded Dreams V
    I didn't mean m2dave is a bad player. He's great. But a top Smoke vs his Freddy? Come on. lol.
  8. The Ghost of Tim Static
    Young Thomas never shocks me.

    He does however disappoint me when he falls short only because I know he is an amazing player who is one or two hurdles away from being elite.
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  9. xSMoKEx
    @Tommy Wafflez being classy! Lol thanks for the kinds words you did amazing! Great interview!
  10. CRUM
  11. RiBBz22
    he shocked me when he dented his mom's van from the inside with that random chick that was in our room.
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  12. CRUM
    I guess "shocked" may have been a poor choice of words?
  13. GGA HAN
    maybe it was shocking at how decisive it was? LBSH, m2dave was top 8 at EVO, and Tommy made him look pretty....whats the word...
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  14. CRUM
    I guess people are overlooking that CD Jr was the first name on that list. It was pretty shocking to see him 3-0 CD jr, and he beat m2dave not once but twice
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  15. Matix218
    Great interview!!!
  16. CRUM
    Thanks Matix I appreciate it!
  17. Pig Of The Hut
    Wafflez hit on something huge here

    Dab's jax

    His jax is by far the best ive ever played and is the only jax thus far to play kenshi MU extremely well and i mean extremely

    DAB nerves ALWAYS get the best of him in tourney but i swear man one of these days dude is going make top 4-8 at mlg or evo and everyone will act like no one warned them.

    Waffelz lets be serious here young man, we did play at anaheim a mock mlg grand finals

    but yea you're right we need to play like 30 + games without Jax involved and all my mains but mainly kenshi

    That series was far too short and we were both ass tired

    MLG dallas if you arent on my side then we play all weekend if you on my side we play all day sunday.
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