Mortal Kombat X: Scorpion's Full Fatality Revealed! (Bad quality)

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  • by ZoO, Jun 30, 2014 at 11:01 AM
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    On the week of E3, we were blessed with a slew of trailers for Mortal Kombat X, a game for which we are excited for its release in 2015. In one of those videos, a demonstration for Scorpion's fatality was cut just short of the point where he slashes off Sub-Zero's face. No doubt you've wanted to see the finisher in its entirety ever since. Well, thanks to @ZoO, the video of Scorpion's full fatality has been found and brought over here. Brace aren't ready.

    Note: Quality isn't the greatest as this was captured with a video camera, so be advised of that.

    credit: @Johnny San

    - thanks to ZoO for sharing this post

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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat X' started by ZoO, Jun 30, 2014.

  1. fr stack
    lol awesome post :DOGE
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  2. cfw
  3. Mr Got Merked
    My virgin eyes are bleeding. Make it Sthap!
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  4. fr stack
    i reaaallly wanna make a sub zero version of this thread !!
  5. xKhaoTik
    Lol omg what a fail
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  6. Sami
    op delivered, sarcastic image removed
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  7. Shadow316
    You were right, this IS bad quality. :)
  8. EGGXI
  9. Sami
    Zero pixels in fact.
  10. G4S KT
    came in like:


    but leavin like:

  11. ZoO
    my bad guys lol vids up now. Coming off Toronto's digital dreams hangover and I'm at work >>
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  12. xKhaoTik
    I can't find it
  13. Mr Got Merked
    I retract my original statement.
  14. RM GamerBlake
    For a moment, I feared that this was a prank. :)

    This deserves a front page. ;)
  15. Skellington
    Jesus Christ! I can not wait to see what the others are like!
  16. Euphoric
    Added to my fap folder.
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  17. AeroGrunt
    That's awesome!
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  18. John Grizzly
    One of the most brutal Fatalities this game has ever seen. Right now, I'd say it's between this Scorpion Fatality and Kung Lao's Buzzsaw from MK9. I'm sure I'm forgetting several.

    My all-time favorite may still be Quan Chi's leg rip/beat down from MK4, though. Was happy to see that return in MK9.
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  19. xKhaoTik
    Apparently this one is "over-the-top" so we won't see anything like this. I personally think Ferrari/Torr and D'Vorah's fatality is more gruesome than this but w.e
  20. ZoO
    Now I want them to redo Cyrax's mk 9 fatality lol
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