MK Evo Finalists Featured in Guinness Book of World Records 2012, "Gamer Edition"

Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by STORMS, Mar 13, 2012.

  • by STORMS, Mar 13, 2012 at 7:45 PM

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    On July 31st 2011 in Rio, Las Vegas during the Evo Championship Series for Mortal Kombat 8 players made it past the remaining 500+. Little did we know that four of those top names would be featured in the "Guinness Book of World Records 2012 - Gamer Edition". Below is an image sent to us by REDRUM that features Perfect Legend, REO, JOP and NYChris G being featured in such a legendary book. The bottom reads, "Rise from Warrior to Legend."
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Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by STORMS, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. R.E.O.
    This is awesome. Would it be possible to get a clearer pic?
  2. NogunYesknife
    I have this book :D
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  3. Ezreal
    Very nice, congrats to you guys. Your names will be forever carved in gaming history, lol.
    Yeah, I'm working on it. As soon as REDRUM checks his messages. ;)
  5. Ermaculate_Slim
    Ok umm What World Record was broken here?
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  6. Apock

    I took that pic with a blackberry cam which suck real bad. Doesn't pick up fine print... I'm gonna try and get another pic using a real cam. BUt your in the Guinness book of world sick is that...

    You can then take a better pic than me of the cover and this page...
  9. NogunYesknife
    I'm looking for it, I think my brother has it.
  10. Linkuei82
    Congrats to PL, Reo, Jop, and ChrisG into being in that book and be immortalized. That's awesome.
  11. Shadow Zero Kyo
    This is exciting, good stuff and congrats to those 4. Jop's legendary words "I don't know any fatalities".
  12. RiBBz22
    lmao knew this was coming. (I woulda totally said the same thing if I were in your spot)
  13. SZSR
    Congrats guys! Immortals of Mortal Kombat.

    Also, I like how they put Puerto Rico as PR Balrog's country :p
  14. CYracks
    USA! USA! USA!
    Awesome. Good shit folks. :)
  16. Pig Of The Hut
    just remove chris g's name
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  17. ZAQ
    "We were going to post the top 5, but JOP used two characters during the tournament and we didn't have space. Sorry." -Guinness

    It's good to see that they are posting actual scores to a major tournament. Years ago they were supposed to have TwinGalaxies officiate all genres of gaming and have a book dedicated to top players. Now they have a book that basically advertises games with a few scores thrown in when it could be SO MUCH MORE than that for gamers. That being said, I'm glad they chose to add MK into the mix and congrats.
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  18. Juggs
    So what's the record for? lol might be good to know.
  19. ETC Mcfly
    Congratulations that's great ..
  20. BlackxxxMamba
    I'm in this shit too... just not for MK9... haha.
  21. GNG Iniquity
    Man. 2012 is a great fucking year for FGs...damn.

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