Match Footage Kratos Video Thread (Last Updated: May 1st)

Discussion in 'Kratos [PS3]' started by Alien Substance, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. Alien Substance

    Alien Substance Evanesce Staff Member

    This thread is for showcasing gameplay videos of Kratos.

    May 1st edit: Take note that it is the first time I've recorded in a long while, so out of stage anxiety I lock up at some points and tend to jump backwards.

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  2. Alien Substance

    Alien Substance Evanesce Staff Member

    Reserved post.
  3. SaJa

    SaJa FH_FenriR

    A friend of mine against a good JC :

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  4. Alien Substance

    Alien Substance Evanesce Staff Member

    Nice to see a video of another Kratos player, and one that knows much more than Apollo's Bow, Golden Fleece, and F+4,2! =)
  5. Wemfs

    Wemfs Child of the night

    Good shit man. Very nice Kratos.
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  6. Alien Substance

    Alien Substance Evanesce Staff Member

    Updated with two more videos. It is unfortunate that LulzLou did not know the matchup, but he still did well. Also; cold fingers are bad for playing MK9.

    Nobody gives Kratos much love, so nobody knows the MU. Gives me a bit of an edge a lot of the time.
    Awww, that's nice of you, Lulzy. /)^3^(\

    No one knows about my recording. *Devilish grin*
    I think I did. Cold fingers are bad for me, 'specially since I did not get to warm up prior to playing you.

    Kratos' D+4 is actually not that slow. A 12-frame D+4 is what a good percentage of the roster have. D+1 is a bad poke in the sense of cancel, hit, and block advantages, but it is 8 frames. A D+1xxBackwards HDC to create space should be a good enough use for pressure-escaping. If only I could learn how to AA with it.....

    Yeah, I should've been able to post our matches, but I did not have my recording device at the time. D:
    Your Kitana be poking my Spartan shins with a knife retrieved from Ed Boon-knows-where. GGs!

    I use an AVerMedia C281 Game Capture HD. Price was $139.99 on, if I remember correctly. That's not including the $16 Kingston DTR500 USB Flash Drive which is needed to even store the recorded gameplay. You can use either a (proper model) USB Flash Drive, or an HDD to store the records. The GCHD is what I got for my burfday. :D

    (BTW, I'm only editing this post because I want to make sure I can post in this thread when I update the OP with new videos. I don't want to double post-bump my own thread; I have a scary feeling about doing that.)
  7. Axel_Redd

    Axel_Redd Vampire Jesus....he wants YOUR blood now!!

    if only kratos' pokes werent utter NEED to HDC to make them even worth using...
  8. Lulzlou

    Lulzlou Well-Known Member

    Man I don't know how to fight kratos. I always just leave when someone chooses kratos so trying to figure out the mu was awkward for me to do online. The reason I didn't leave was because you were from here. Even if kratos gets picked I want to help anyone I can.

    I'm surprised you were recording. I hope you had a fun time doing it.

    edit; so many fucked up inputs ;___;
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  9. Axel_Redd

    Axel_Redd Vampire Jesus....he wants YOUR blood now!!

    you wanna beat kratos?, d4 ndc, d3 ndc d4 d4 d4ndc d1 sweep, NMD, d4ndc lol
  10. Lulzlou

    Lulzlou Well-Known Member

    If only it was that easy.
    D3ndc on block and hit are hella negative
    d4ndc on block is -2. +11 on hit
  11. Axel_Redd

    Axel_Redd Vampire Jesus....he wants YOUR blood now!!

    when you have shitty pokes like kratos does....yes...its that easy lol, i d4'd a kratos to death with my kitana, only thing they could do was jump, hell, i can even d1 all day, kitana's d1 is 6 frames on startup, -15 on block, kratos fastest normal is 12 frames on startup, which makes it really hard to punish her blocked d1. so technically you could do it all day and mix it up with d3 n d4 against him, you probably don't even need to ndc poke him.
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  12. Lulzlou

    Lulzlou Well-Known Member

    I never looked at his frame data so I wouldn't know lol.
  13. Axel_Redd

    Axel_Redd Vampire Jesus....he wants YOUR blood now!!

    well now u do, lol, but yeah his pokes are really slow, thats why kratos needs to rely on ex hermes dash, jumping out after a blocked poke, and great reactions with parry to get out of pressure and out of the corner.

    however despite his d4 being slow, it is 0 on block and +12 on hit.

    also, forgot to mention that, d1 has 8 frames of startup, which isn't too bad, but its recovery is horrendus....-5 on HIT
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  14. Axel_Redd

    Axel_Redd Vampire Jesus....he wants YOUR blood now!!

    DOUBLE POST, btw Alien, u shoulda posted our mirror matches :p, i remember you sayin you were surprised by my Kratos, and then i fought u with kitana and was poking the crap outta you xD. GG's

    also...what stuff do u use for recording? , you have something hooked up to your tv recording the video feed, not putting a camcorder on a stool and recording. I'm curious cuz i've always wanted to do a lets play of a few games, but never knew what equipment had to be used for sound and what not and for recording the footage.
  15. Geoduck

    Geoduck What the hell are you looking at?

    I request that you record more matches! Kratos is such a thrill to watch when someone actually knows how to play him.
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  16. Squeaker101

    Squeaker101 As I live, ALL will die

    I <3 fighting Alien's Kratos. Makes me wanna pick him up.

    I just might actually, maybe even make a ghost account and troll a bunch of people. >: D
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  17. Axel_Redd

    Axel_Redd Vampire Jesus....he wants YOUR blood now!!

    i keep asking him to post our matches xD
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  18. Alien Substance

    Alien Substance Evanesce Staff Member

    Do you have any idea how good it is for me to read your post?

    I record almost all of my matches with Kratos. The only problem is overcoming the procrastination of taking my USB flash drive, plugging it into my PC, copying the files, renaming the files, and uploading them to Youtube. Procrastination is really bad. Anyway, I have edited more videos into the original post.

    Awwwww, thanks, Squeaky-Puff.

    That sounds like a brilliant idea. If only I knew how to reset my record........I might have a method of doing that, but I have to try it first.

    Don't worry, I think that's all of 'em on the original post now.
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  19. RYX

    RYX gotta go fast

    I would like to play you sometime, whenever you're available. Nice stuff.
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  20. Alien Substance

    Alien Substance Evanesce Staff Member

    Added two new videos. These matches were against Seany1234life, whose Sub-Zero is self-taught. Pretty good for what he calls "common sense".

    If you accidently do a standing 4 after an F+2xxHDC when you should've done an F+4,2, you're gonna have a bad time.

    Edited on December 9th: All of these videos are outdated.
  21. The_SNKE

    The_SNKE BLT | RM

    Would love to get some Kratos mirrors with you, I find those so fun.
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  22. Alien Substance

    Alien Substance Evanesce Staff Member

    Original post updated, yay.
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