Kenshi Swaqqa 48% corner meterless

Discussion in 'Kenshi' started by GGA pimpimjim, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. GGA pimpimjim

    GGA pimpimjim im god sektor

    Without JIP, blind hustlin' all day... Land this in a tourney and you'll get all the ladies, or if you're gay then all the dudes, or if you're a chick then all the studs, or if you're a lesbian then all the suave babes, or if you're bi then everything in-between.

    Or if you're asexual, then you'll feel good about yourself at least

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  2. Enenra

    Enenra Go to hell.

    l Enenra l
    I'm a hermaphrodite, will I find someone who loves me?
  3. Blind_Ducky

    Blind_Ducky Princess of the Sisterhood

    That's fucking awesome.
  4. RM JagoBlake

    RM JagoBlake The dream is reborn...?
    Staff Member Forum General Premium Supporter

    Very, very nice!
  5. xKhaoTik

    xKhaoTik Top Kitana before, gonna be Top Kitana again!

    Dammit! An uppercut bnb for kenshi. Hopefully his toasty boost wont get discovered
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  6. Axel_Redd

    Axel_Redd Vampire Jesus....he wants YOUR blood now!!

    hard to land as all hell
  7. Dill Mac

    Dill Mac Noob

    That was pretty awesome
  8. ...son of a what the fuck that was sick
  9. MagicMan357

    MagicMan357 Black Dragon enthusiast

  10. Pimpimjim who the hell is that on ur avatar lmao hahah
  11. GGA pimpimjim

    GGA pimpimjim im god sektor

    the savior
  12. DJ L Toro

    DJ L Toro Noob

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  13. Ashenar

    Ashenar Just a slightly above average player.....

    This is the greatest combo I've ever seen.
  14. Spletty

    Spletty Grandmaster

    Didnt watch the video but you earned a like for the description alone.
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    BTK HYENA Fuck you; fight me.

    IS IT TOURNAMENT VIABLE?! We shall see.
  16. InFlames

    InFlames Noob for DLC

    How much is it with JIP starter? Best Kenshi combo I've seen btw.
  17. GGA pimpimjim

    GGA pimpimjim im god sektor

  18. 48% AND a backward uppercut?

  19. Necrophilia or get the fuck out.
  20. Ninj

    Ninj Where art thou, MKX Skarlet?
    Staff Member Moderator

    Daaaaamn Pig Of The Hut

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  21. Pig Of The Hut

    Pig Of The Hut Kryptonian General - Kneel Before Me

    Yea this shit was amazing and godlike
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  22. RM Cossner

    RM Cossner King of the Jobbers 2015

    You won the internet.

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