F4 Ex OHS against wake ups.

Discussion in 'Jax' started by Joker8417, Oct 22, 2012.

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    I honestly can't say how legitimate this is yet because I haven't tested it out a lot yet, and it might not be news, but I have started trying to throw in the occasional F4 Ex OHS against wake and have gotten way better results than I would've expected. I haven't gotten hit by a wake up using it yet. I have tried it out on some very good ones too, including Shang's wake up Ex soul steal, wake up Ex Slides, both of Mileena wake up rolls, and a couple of others. The only time OHS didn't actually hit was against Mileena's rolls, but they still hit the armor and caused her to roll in the air for punish as if it were blocked. Like I said idk if this has been found already and I'm still not sure how useful it can be yet, but I am going to keep testing it and if the results prove fruitful I'll try to make a video.
  2. Ex OHS by itself doesn't do the trick? Ex OHS is 26 frames, so it will become active after wakeup invincibility wears off (but the armor will activate well before then). I'm guessing the f4's use is just to bait the wakeup attack.
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    is this kinda like d4 ex carthwheel perry or d4 ex red dash perry?
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  4. I'm guessing it's a little better than those two considering the 8 (stupid) frame low starter f4 and the 25 frames of armor that EX OHS has.

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    its better to use D4-OHS cause it has a better hitbox and longer active frames
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    Kinda, even if you do raw OHS, it still has to be timed correctly depending on the wake up, and I think even then some wake ups still blow it up. I use the f4 yes to bait it, but also the f4 into the OHS cancel pretty much hits during the invincibility frames of the wake up, then the Ex OHS can hit after for free pretty much because of the armor.
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    That makes sense, I will probably switch to this.
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    Yeah, except you can't combo all the time afterwards haha.

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