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  1. They suck, I don't get it either. A joke is forming though, and it's on us: this comic is everywhere on this site lol
  2. G4S KT

    G4S KT Gaming4Satan Founder Premium Supporter

    yea, pretty much :(
  3. G4S J360

    G4S J360 i Use a modded cyber now Staff Member

    damn man, this is what happens when you cant come to mlg with us =/
  4. I saw it before mlg. I live with patient-0 : KT
  5. G4S J360

    G4S J360 i Use a modded cyber now Staff Member

    It existed, but the magic happened at MLG bro.
  6. TONY-T

    TONY-T Mad scientist


    this is one of my favourites :D
  7. Cser

    Cser Member

  8. Squeaker101

    Squeaker101 As I live, ALL will die

    Haha! Yea, these make me lol every single time.

    Have you seen the one OneBoxyRobot put as his pic? It's hilarious.

    I wish there was more of these. :D
    I don't know where to find these. I look up "MK Memes" but I only get a few. :(
  9. TONY-T

    TONY-T Mad scientist

    not yet! (waits for Boxy)

    Back on topic. Ive found that you can still do a 72% version of this combo even if you start the combo with a net near the begining!

    uf+2, 2,1~net, uf+2, 2,1~EXbomb, EXbomb, b+2, EXbomb, far bomb, 1,2,1~medium bomb, d+2, 3~ragdoll+throw... 72%

    There might be room for more im just doing some testing in the lab.
  10. PND_Mustard

    PND_Mustard Team Razer | Cyber Gladiators Premium Supporter

  11. Squeaker101

    Squeaker101 As I live, ALL will die

    I can never land the uppercut into bomb. :( The bomb explodes like a pixel before my opponent gets in its radius. I've never played Cyrax since then.
  12. NariTuba

    NariTuba disMember

    Nice Tony! always beastly. Going in the gide asap
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  13. Maxter

    Maxter Well-Known Member

    what are the chances that cyrax has 3 meters and his opponent is meterless so he can't break, and also have the health to take that dmg? this is very situational.
    like every cyrax combos, NRS is sleeping on the cyborg and not buffing him because of a fairy tale combo, they should remove the resets and the dmg, and make cyrax a more solid character in and out, i know mustard and others will say the char is solid even if he has 12 bad matchups in my book, they will still say he is still top 5,.
    for mustard we will meet at Evo and you will play against the best counter cyrax players, you will see my point.
    great combo Tony T btw, still this wont help cyrax at all, i'll will still go for my 75% resets one bar, if they break that one at least i m only losing one bar, while they will lose 2 for the breaker, is a fair trade.

    Ah forgot, you cyrax haters can bring it on, i wont discuss with you.
    Maybe i've lost some faith in the robot, but i'm playing against some of the best players in the world and they know what i'm talking about, that is why i main cage and sektor now, also training jax harcore, i'll use cyrax only for counter picking.
    BTW cyrax haters; when a cyrax player beat you it is because that player is better than you not because the robot is broken or he is that godlike.
    Mustard you are the only hope for the cyrax community in america at EVO, if you get to top 8 with him, i promise i'll go back to him full time, still i wont pick him against kabal, sonya, smoke, jax etc.
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  14. PND_Mustard

    PND_Mustard Team Razer | Cyber Gladiators Premium Supporter

    tbh man the people i play against regularly are in my opinion the best counter cyrax players and we still go back and forth, but thats only a natural thought, you wont think the people i train with are as good as the people you train with, and vice versa, its very hard to judge how good someone is without actually playing them yourself, so its good to stay optimistic and prepared. :D
  15. Angel Oleander

    Angel Oleander Hellfire & DoomStroke.

    Wait, my Floor sig? What'd I do? I mean, yay for me, but I'm very confused. Lol.
  16. TONY-T

    TONY-T Mad scientist

    I hope Maxter and yourself are planning some non tourney cyrax vs cyrax battles at evo. You guys cant let the cyrax comunnity down! ;)
  17. PND_Mustard

    PND_Mustard Team Razer | Cyber Gladiators Premium Supporter

    if maxter's up for it ill do some mirrors, but i warn you, the cyrax/cyrax mirror is the single stupidest mirror in the game :')
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  18. Flagg

    Flagg Well-Known Member

    He needs it?

    No. American players need it apparantly.
  19. Mr. Mileena

    Mr. Mileena Well-Known Member

    Tony, please find 60-75% combos with Jade, please :(
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  20. TONY-T

    TONY-T Mad scientist

    Yes but the bragging rights would be epic! I want to vs BOTH of you lol. Admittedly i dont have much vsing experience, but that wouldnt stop me from wanting too. Would be a good learning experience at the very least. I cant believe you guys havent already arranged something.
  21. PND_Mustard

    PND_Mustard Team Razer | Cyber Gladiators Premium Supporter

    because im not there to prove anything, im there to play mortal kombat. :)
  22. Angel Oleander

    Angel Oleander Hellfire & DoomStroke.

    Yeah it fucking is of the few matches in which I shamelessly rain resets and bombtraps, because 9 times out of 10, if I don't, my opponent will. Then it just becomes a game of who can hit the biggest leaky combo.

    I'd be so happy. I miss playing my MKD green fox seductress.
  23. Squeaker101

    Squeaker101 As I live, ALL will die

    Haha, your floor sig is just as funny. But I was talking about your Sub-Zero picture, the meme one. The "I AM SUB-ZERO" one. xD
  24. TONY-T

    TONY-T Mad scientist

    I tried some NPC classic jade the other night. She is garbage. the biggest combo i got was about 45% on the wall. she has really bad negative frames after most of her strings and the fan has bad recovery too. I could only get 2 fans in a combo and it was just barely. I couldnt get any hit after the 2nd fan too, not even an uppercut, they drop way to quick.

    Havent tried regular jade yet, but from the looks of her, she seems really balanced combo wise, i dont think she has any cheese you can abuse.
  25. Mr. Mileena

    Mr. Mileena Well-Known Member

    NPC jade and fans? I'm confused:eek:

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