Congrats to Mustard!

Discussion in 'Cyrax' started by UsedForGlue, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. BDMao88

    BDMao88 Filthy Casual

  2. BDMao88

    BDMao88 Filthy Casual

    Ok Shao Kahn.
  3. GGA 16 Bit

    GGA 16 Bit Mash d+1~Cat Claws

    Get out of here. I like how they play robots and look hella metal.
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  4. PND OmegaK

    PND OmegaK [Back Breaking Intensifies]
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    PND OmegaK
    But who would they main?!
  5. BDMao88

    BDMao88 Filthy Casual

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  6. PND OmegaK

    PND OmegaK [Back Breaking Intensifies]
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    PND OmegaK
    Maybe metzos is both of the twins combined into one from a parallel universe.
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    STRYKIE Lights

    Cyber Chameleon?
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  8. BDMao88

    BDMao88 Filthy Casual

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    STRYKIE Lights

    Well hey, now I mention it, why not? :p
  10. TONY-T

    TONY-T Mad scientist

    i went through the metal stage, but i dont think my hair was ever that long. Mustards got some serious length! If i ever go to england again im bringing clippers! ;)
  11. PND_Ketchup

    PND_Ketchup "More deadly than the dawn"
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    Worstgiefever had been streaming for 3 days straight and doesn't know the ins and outs of the game, but he loves it, so he did his best.

    He deserves props.
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  12. salvificblood

    salvificblood Worst Sub-Zero Ever
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  13. PND_Mustard

    PND_Mustard "More stealthful than the night"
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    Thanks guys :) glad you all enjoyed it!

    Tony, if you cut my hair it will only come back more powerful than you could possibly imagine.
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  14. BenGmanUk

    BenGmanUk Counting the weeks

    Good stuff for sure and grats to Mustard! Epic weekend had by all.

    lol at 'Le salt cam'. Nice touch... :)
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  15. Asodimazze

    Asodimazze Noob

    Well done Mustard! Great performance :)
  16. Albo

    Albo A teleport and a dream

    huge congrats to mustard. no easy task to get through the greeks, his brother and the rest of the solid competition in the tourney and come out victorious. your performance in grand finals against hidan was top notch, and it was a pleasure watching your cyrax as it was for many others i'm sure. without a doubt the best clean cyrax in the world.

    the power from your beard must have played a big part in helping you get the win:p the bigger it gets the better you get.
  17. MK_Al

    MK_Al Noob

    congratulation to mustard for his awesome victory, also congratulations to hadan for taking the second place and playing an awesome quan chi!

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  18. Beginner0k_TwM


    Congratulations on your victory.
  19. Flagg

    Flagg Noob

    Congrats Mustard!

    Best Cyrax in the community by a long way!
  20. smokey


    KetchTard reborn!
  21. PND_Ketchup

    PND_Ketchup "More deadly than the dawn"
    Staff Member Moderator

    I find this name offensive!
  22. smokey


    You wanna go fam'?
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  23. theRob

    theRob Noob

    also a huge congrats from me. never had so much fun losing in a game than against you guys :)
  24. GGA HAN

    GGA HAN Galloping Ghost Arcade

    Being a Cyrax player, I'd love to see some of this footage, but unfortunately the links on the first page of this thread aren't working for

    -Thanks in advance!
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  25. Bidu

    Bidu Noob

    Yeah... Been a while since I've seem any footage of Mustard. Any other place where I could watch it?

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