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Question The best Ermac player


Big D, GGA Moe30W, Pboardplayer, kfrog, zaf and Metzos all come to mind.

IMO Big D is probably the most complete ermac player.
Ya need to ask gamer blake, khaotik, curbo and all the pc players about how ermac is played now


Some of the guys that you named play on PSN? I want to fight against some of them (I know online is very different an local match but I wish learn more about Ermac)


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After playing a ton of offline casuals with zaf at SJ7 i would have to say that without question he has the best Ermac that I have personally played by far. I have never played BigD or Moe or Detroit etc but I know that all of those people (with the exception of Moe) have had focus on several different characters during their competitive MK9 career and as far as I know Zaf has always been an Ermac main which leads me to believe that he knows the minor intricacies of the character as well as the matchups better as well.

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Me. Undefeated with Error Macro. Get some. All challengers add Jay Rupp if youre on xbox.

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