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*SEASON 2* TYM League (PSN)


Clinch should be a command grab
Just played a set

Me (Skarlet) 3 - @Baconlord (Cetrion) 2

Ggs :)

Edit: Just noticed the doc had changed! Gonna see if I can find out what I missed haha


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@OrangeGroup I will be able to play my matches tmr until 4 30 PST, Thursday I'm available all day, Friday is a little iffy and Saturday I should be ok in the afternoon


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played l3mmysaves and lionheart

3-0 vs both
l3mmy used noob and nightwolf
lion as they said cassie and johnny.
dancock all cetrion


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@Dreamcatcher @Vslayer

Bigzo (Kitana)-3 @karaokelove (Jade)-2

Dat booty FTW!
Best KB in the game. Side note: What if they changed the Brutality and the opponent got pink eye so their head exploded from it? I mean, it could happen.

I won’t be able to update matches until tomorrow morning but thank you to all that have been on top of their games. Looks like a week of really good matchups!