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*SEASON 2* TYM League (PSN)


Where the tech at?
I was busy most of this week and it seems like most of my group aren't on today so I'll prob just roll with my current ranking if no one comes on, shouldn't happen next week


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For those that can’t make the tourney next week, there will be a league tourney every month. So it’s perfectly fine if you wanna jump back into normal league play when it’s done.

Depending on how this format goes, we might change the format a little to be more accommodating to schedules.


monster masher
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I already messaged you in the teal group PM, so this is just for visibility.

I'm available up until the deadline if you can get our set in.

If not,


perhaps I could play one of the other two from teal group I haven't played if one them is available instead?

Hey, I was out of pocket this weekend. I thought I concluded all my matches last week, but missed your last minute addition to the group. I will be available to play today.


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I can be on past 4:30 pm CST either day. just lemme know when you're able to! PSN: ZLew93
Only time we can make it work is your 10pm, it's gonna be my 6am, otherwise it's night time for me and I can't make it. I'll add you later and then invite around that time.