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General/Other A NEW SKIN for Zod hidden into Zatanna's files.

Hi all,

If someone can extract files from a xxx injustice files, i could send u by private message a great file called CHAR_Zod_A.xxx

As you know when a character's file contain a single lettre like in this syntax "CHAR_Batman_V.xxx", it's a skin.

So in the Zatanna's files, there is a file called Char_Zod_A.xxx 19Mo at least.

Be Warning : Zatanna is not free, you have to pay for play with her and the zod skin is in.
I hope Nrs will release the skin for Zod free.

I don't want to pay twice for skin.

Here is a proof, a sreenshot of all Zatanna files from xbox360



The skin is already in the xbox. They probably wanna make us pay again. Just relay this news on twitter vs Boon.


Scary Bat
Not too sure this is a skin. In MK alternate skins would start with B, not A.
I can't be a hundred percent certain, but if I recall correctly all Injustice alt skins start at A, I think when people tore the Lobo download apart it had stuff like Char_BatmanA etc.

Could be wrong, Tony T might be the person to ask about this...


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They'll probably make an announcement about it having to do with an unlock in the app.
As in, do something with the app to unlock the skin a la Bane, Supes, Batman.