1. Syzoth

    Secret alternate Brutality Found for Sheeva

    I have made a list of 64 likely inputs for secret brutalities and am doing them for both of my characters I play. Each character has 10 brutalities so that's six hundred and forty inputs. I have done 230 with Baraka and haven't found a secret brutality to his yet, however Sheeva's was relatively...
  2. Syzoth

    Just walk and punish. Anti-Sheeva stomp.

    Listing of all characters that can walk forwards or backwards and avoid all Sheeva Dragon drops (stomps/teleport)

    Match Footage Mortal Kombat 9 - Fresh Online Matches with FIGHTNOW!

    So heres my latest FT5 with Various characters! Lemme know if you wanna see some more MK9 Action! Also, Please post your matches or favorite ones! ps MK9 is the Best, mkx sux

    Match Footage MK9 Steam - Sheeva Online Matches with FIGHTNOW!

    Also, Please post your matches or favorite ones!

    Video/Tutorial MK9 - Sheeva - Biggest Combos by FIGHTNOW!

    Tell me if you wanna see some online action with these combos! p.s: goro or sheeva? I dunno but feels like Sheeva is better :p