set up

  1. RC00

    How to Improve at UMK3: How to Install

    One thing a lot of new players struggle with just that initial push of trying to install and set up things. The last video explaining how to set up MAME is outdated to how we do it nowadays (for most of us). I also plan to do another video on Glitchjabs and Runjabs specifically. please...
  2. legion666

    Hard-to-blockable Oki set up midscreen

    So I have spend another day in the lab and got this. A non cross up /cross up that have to be blocked pretty fast one after the other. The idea is taken from a well known set up in the corner where after a hard knockdown you go for dash, neutral j2xxdivekick, where j2 doesn't cross up but...
  3. Pennywise_SaysHi

    Poison Ivy Top damage combos and set ups

    I noticed that few Poison ivy players use optimal combos, so In this thread i'll show all optimal and max damage combos & set ups which i use as Poison Ivy. Later this week i'll add more videos and description.
  4. I

    Captain Cold - Funtoblockable Set Up

    I discovered this corner set up that can also be done mid screen. I know the icicle-d1corner set up is kind of old, but I found a way to make it better by adding freeze at the end. It can be blocked, it's just extremely difficult but fun for Captain Cold, hence the title. It's a low, overhead...
  5. SaSSolino

    Robin Restand Trait Set Up

    I'm not sure if it was known already or even useful at all, but I found this thing while I was messing with Robin in the lab.