1. Syzoth

    Secret alternate Brutality Found for Sheeva

    I have made a list of 64 likely inputs for secret brutalities and am doing them for both of my characters I play. Each character has 10 brutalities so that's six hundred and forty inputs. I have done 230 with Baraka and haven't found a secret brutality to his yet, however Sheeva's was relatively...
  2. NickandAutumn

    More *NEW* Hidden Brutalities

    Thanks to the community we were able to compile these and make another video on hidden brutalities! These can be so fun, but we spent hours searching and only could find a couple. This one all goes to the community! Enjoy.
  3. SxS626

    Are Those Klouds? Rain Is Imminent

    Baraka- Kommunity: "Very cool. much expected" (16%) Kabal- Kommunity: "Makes sense, much cool" (17%) Rain: Kommunity: "NEVER! NO ONE WANTS RAIN! IMPOSSIBLE! HE'LL NEVER BE IN MK11!" (22%) How is it so outlandish for Rain to make the roster in some form? He appeals to the demographic since...
  4. Mgo

    Mortal Kombat 4 20th Anniversary Tribute Mortal Kombat 4 20th Anniversary Tribute (1997 - 2017)

    On this day, October 15th, but 20 years ago, saw the light Mortal Kombat 4 Arcade for the first time. An amazing game for his great graphics, the novelty of seeing more realistically (and terrifying) 3d fatalities, and superb soundtrack. MKIV is one of my favorites Mortal Kombat games, and for...
  5. FallenAngel

    Discovery Hidden/Secret Brutality Hunting Thread!

    Hello Gamers, pro's, Noobs and human auto correct's of the internet. Since we all know mkx is near its end , yet there is more to be discovered about this night of the living dead fighting game (yeah i went there) so i propose a brute hunt(Easter hunt is trademarked damn Easter bunny) in which...