1. Digital

    How do you play this character? Seriously

    I feel like Darkseid has so much potential but he's so predictable and I'm unable to open people up. He doesn't have neutral and people can see the teleporr/minion setups coming a mile away. And I just don't want to spam omega beams all game. Can anyone give me some advice on how to play Darkseid?
  2. usceric

    Darkseid Montage

    Hi everyone. Made a decent looking montage of Darkseid. Check it out: Let me know what you think!
  3. RevonKnight

    Omega Meterless Hitting Low

    Darkseid hitting low profiling special stance moves except The Flash On Your Mark.
  4. RevonKnight

    Cheetah Blood Lunge interaction with Omega Beams

    I am probably not the only person to notice this but do you think they will ever fix it or much less notice it?
  5. riommaufc

    Setting a new standard: The deadshot standard (Practice mode discussion)

    Hello guys, this proposal would take effect when posting combos and their respective damage outpu: "In all cases, thou shall post your combo damage as if performed against Deadshot". I believe this standard would make it easier to compare combo damage across the whole board. Must also be n...
  6. D

    Injustice 2 Flash Insane Corner Combo 2 bars 629.59 Damage on Superman

    This Flashy Combo On Darkseid has a ridiculous damage but for all the others is Op the same...for one bar...over 600% damage...I tested on Superman and well...Day One isn't bad!I think is the biggest for know let me know peace!
  7. RoboCop

    The Darkseid Combo Repository (No Gear)

    When posting your combos, please post any damage notation as completed against an ungeared Superman, which will act as our baseline. Gear should be turned off completely so that no stats accidentally affect the damage of your combos. Please tag me in any combos you post and I'll get them added...
  8. RoboCop

    Darkseid Matchup Discussion

    It's still early, but might as well start a thread for discussing matchups as we gain more experience.
  9. Decay

    My hand-drawn custom Darkseid hat!

    Hey guys, I haven't made a new thread in forever. Been so busy at work and doing all kinds of art on the side as well that I haven't been able to play as much. Anyway, as some of you know, I made a Lobo hat during Injustice 1 and it was what I wore to every offline event as good luck...