1. MKF30

    DLC Kombat Pack 1 Question: What will the outfits & 3 Gear/Kosmetic spots be on Shang, Nightwolf, Sindel, Spawn and the 2 guests?

    Was wondering what everyone thinks their 3 gear pieces for Kombat Pack 1 be you think? Or at least the ones we definitely have konfirmed so far. Most are confident the last 2 are Ash and Terminator so we'll run with that assumption. Here's my predictions: Shang Tsung's: 1. Hair or Jacket or...
  2. Jhonnykiller45

    Bruce Campbell makes "hinting" komment to KP1 trailer

    Bruce Campbell, actor for Ash from the Evil Dead, posted a tweet about MK11 that suggests his involvement with one of the remaining guest slots.