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Montreal Mayhem #10

What can I saw... Montreal Mayhem #10 was a bigger success then I could have ever hoped. The sheer fact we've been able to organize something like this for as long as we have is amazing. Add in the fact we got 18 different people to show up still astonishes me. Also actually having a stream this week was great even if it still isn't perfect.

We once again ran both games at the same time. The 12 man Injustice tournament and the 11 man Mortal Kombat one. Sadly, Injustice got all the stream love as MK was only able to get Loser's Finals and Grand Finals on there. Click to read more! [...]
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Something is on the way for sure, but what? Boon has once again been taking to twitter with several cryptic hints. We can tell you that a few of the fighters speculated consist of Fujin, Noob Saibot, Ermac.

If you'd like to join us on the hype train Click to read more! [...]
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Sir Ed Boon, Creative Director of NetherRealm Studios just tweeted this pic out...

At first I thought of Quan Chi but the more I analyzed this... It's shadows.... and Shadows mean only one thing to me in MK... and that is Boon Tobias spelled backwards!

Could it be? Click to read more! [...]
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Hello again!

Back again with more info from EuroGamer EGX, this time will a full list of impressions and notes of everything The Kombat Tether noticed, and could get their hands on with their time with the game this week.

Full list can be found on the Tether's website here: http://www.thekombattether.com/egx/mortal-kombat-x-impressions/

Read here on TYM: please keep in mind this is all from an early build of the game, and all is subject to change. Click to read more! [...]
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Hey folks!

Derek Kitzic was at Eurogamer this week in London Earls Court exhibition center, and luckily for us, so was The Kombat Tether, they managed to get Derek for a quick interview, and the full interview is now up for reading! Click to read more! [...]
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Another PNW event, marking the return of @Goldy and that means the return of cupcakes! Unfortunately they would not be Kombat cupcakes as the usual MK crew failed to show :( but we did have a hype injustice event and Im please to share with you the results! Click to see results! [...]
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Hi, guys! After finishing the final day of EGX, I had the super pass so I mainly played MKX most of the time. I got a good friendship going with Derek Kirtzic, Associate Designer, so I didn't have to keep queuing. Instead I hit the MKX ladder mode until they matched me with a single player for the versus mode, as I went up on my own this year. I got a few good matches in against Derek himself and he was pretty sick to spar with...seeing as he designed most characters, I'm not surprised. :) Click to read more! [...]
RM PTH Mr Aquaman vs EMPEROR OUTWORLD   Grand Finals   YouTube.png
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This will be kept simple and sweet. Southern VA's best and some surprise guests gathered at VA's That Game Store for a wonderful opportunity. With a sponsorship to The Fall Classic on the line everyone brought their A game with hype just around the corner. Let's get right into the action! Click to read more! [...]
Grimmmz Subscriber Showdown Weekly 2 1 Grand Finals.png
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Last night, the second season of Mr. Grimmmz's Subscriber Showdowns kicked off with a resounding turn-out of sixteen players. Although Jago and Sadira were among those to receive the hardest nerfs from Iron Galaxy, the bracket was still flooded with Tiger Spirit warriors with Maciaga's Sadira lurking among them (he went by the tag The_legitshka). Once again, the tournament host made his own entrance to add to the fun, but chose to drop out against Maciaga due to severe lag spikes disrupting their gameplay. In the face of a true community spirit, this event flourishes and eventually culminates in a victory for The Maciaga 5! Click to read more! [...]
MKX Lord Raiden New Xray.png
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As the Kombat Tether shared with us via their experiences from playing an early build of Mortal Kombat X up in the Canadian lands, Raiden's original X-ray attack (seen here) has received an update. It draws upon some inspiration from Shazam's Super Move attack in Injustice: Gods Among Us, but features twists that bring out Raiden's truest nature as a God of Thunder. It is unclear if this will be his final X-ray attack when the game releases in stores on April 14 of next year.

What do you guys think? Do you prefer his original X-ray or his updated one? Let us know in the comments below!

- thanks to eNARV for the post and for @Sindelia sharing it via status update.

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