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With the Top 8 for Mortal Kombat 9 now set at Summer Jam 8 you can expect to see the Top 8 finish tomorrow after Injustice (says @Mikemetroid ). Below are all of the updates you need regarding Mortal Kombat including who made it to the Top 8 out of 49 players. Click to read more! [...]
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Today begins Injustice: Gods Among Us tournament play at Summer Jam 8 located in Philadelphia, Pa. Hosted by @BigE players from all over the area and flying in from across the states are in attendance. Today starting at 12NOON (tentative) Injustice: Gods Among Us pools are set to begin via www.twitch.tv/kombatnetwork Click to read more! [...]
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Ed Boon is at it again and his trolling knows no bounds. This time its a showcase of boots that hints toward something yet to be revealed in MkX.

It's peculiar that they seem like very different feet. What is everyone's take on this?

All new characters to the Mortal Kombat universe? Character alts? Could this possibly hint at customizable options? Noob Saibot? Undead respawns of dead characters from Mk9?

We might just find out the answer before Pax is completely this weekend. Click to read more! [...]
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For those who were unaware, Mortal Kombat X got its first live showcase via Twitch TV at the PAX event. Nothing new was shown (unless you count the firsthand look at the introductory conversation between Kano and Raiden before their match begins), but we do get treated to gameplay discussions while the players demonstrate two matches: Scorpion vs. Sub-Zero at the Snow Forest and Raiden vs. Kano at the Jungle. While you likely are not a stranger to how each character's variations work by now, it may nevertheless intrigue you to give the below videos a look, especially if you couldn't catch the stream on time today. Click to watch videos! [...]
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Now that Iron Galaxy has disclosed the incoming changes for the second season of Killer Instinct, set to be implemented on September 23, the community have set about making a slew of decisions as to how they will approach the game. Some have talked of changing characters, others have given approval and/or disapproval of the changes, and some have adopted a wait-and-see approach.

Just today, the reigning KI champion from EVO 2014, @CD jr, has taken to the Internet via YouTube to discuss his opinions on the decisions made by Iron Galaxy. Hear his thoughts in the video below and then feel free to divulge your own opinions. Click to watch video! [...]
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You like the rough stuff, huh?

It was quite possibly the closest grand finals in the history of Ghost Battle Series but for the second time since year 2 began the princess of plunder clawed and scratched her way to the top. Earlier in the night in winners finals I had been sent to losers in a close 3-2 set against Chicago's Jew of Steel, Saucy Jack. After raging at community members who weren't actually in the room about the Catwoman vs. Superman matchup I regained my composer for losers finals as I faced off against Catwoman's GBS nightmare...Bane. Managing to remain in a relaxed state and forcing the young Kyu into a panic mode Selina was able to vanquish her masked nemesis and earn the right to challenge Jack in the grand finals. The action was back and forth with a 3-2 first set into reset and a 3-2 reset making Selina's 15th GBS championship win perhaps her toughest yet. Click to read more! [...]
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About a week ago while Ed Boon was in Germany for GamesCom he received multiple challenges to do the #IceBucketChallange to bring awareness to ALSA.org (read more about ALS below). Well, @tylerlansdown said it himself right after NetherRealm Studios complete the challenge, "Ed was in Germany at the time. He woulda done it..." Well, his time has come and sure enough he has even gone as far as two buckets of ice water dumped over his head due to the amount of time it took him to complete the challenge. Click to read more! [...]
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UPDATED - Today's stream recapped multiple things already known. Started w/ Sub-Zero vs Scorpion gameplay, then Kano vs Raiden and then a replay of the Raiden vs Kotal Kahn gameplay trailer.

PAX Prime - Seattle, WA Aug 29-Sep 1, 2014

Mortal Kombat X WILL be at PAX on August 29th at 3:30 pm PDT right here: http://www.twitch.tv/twitch

Thanks to @Swindle for finding this!

So what do you think will be announced? A new character? The release date? A new -ality? #WHOSNEXT Click to read more! [...]
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Members of TYM, do you have the itch to be "kreative?" Do you have this wild imagination that fights to tear free from your mind and color the world? Well, thanks to the generosity of the staff team from Netherrealm Studios, there now exists a website where you can share your amazing creations with the Mortal Kombat community, including NRS themselves! Whether your specialty lies in drawings, paintings, digital art, music videos, animated GIFs, etc...artists of all varieties are invited to come forward and populate this new domain with the products of their creation. Click to read more! [...]
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Well, we all remember them best for their flash mob videos as they take on parts of New York with their dancing skills. This video, however, takes a different route. In fact, instead of dancing, Scorpion is now teaching you how to cook a grilled cheese sandwich. It's simple really - only three steps to it. Click to view! [...]