Test Your Might

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Winter Brawl 8, the stage was set for predictable tops 8's to include both Atlanta road warriors, and a king who has just received his crown of victory from Tennessee's major, KIT. However, the breaks very own Zyphox crippled the king's new ego, which was later completely slayed by Frantastic. Forever king was eliminated in the very first pool which set the stage for an exciting tournament. Salt face was later defeated by the child prodigy, sonic fox. And glass sword's fedora was put in check by Eric Matthews (Majin Bupiter) as he was sent to the pit of losers where he was forced to feast on his ally salt face. Click to read more.. [...]
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http://www.hitbox.tv/8wayrun And we've got a full house! Lots of new faces from Winter Brawl are lurking around with the usual suspects, including: KDZ, Rico, Zyphox, Frantastic, DarthArma, and many more! Tune in now for your weekly East Coast Injustice fix!

Jaxel is streaming from Hitbox.tv tonight as a trial... in his own words:
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Yet another hype Injustice tournament in the books, and we didn't even have to wait long for the replays! If you missed any of the Top 8 action from Sunday, prepare to be spoiled by exceptional Injustice play and witness the return of prominence to @KDZ! Huge props to @SonicFox5000 , @Tom Brady , @DarthArma , @MK_Chameleon , @EMPEROR_JUPITER , @Zyphox , @AK Glass_Sword . Thank you all for putting on an amazing show for over 20,000 viewers! Click to read more.. [...]
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Taking place this weekend on February 28th - March 2, it's coming time to test the West Coast NetherRealm Studios scene once again. We just came off of an impressive major on the East Coast... now time for the West. SoCal Regionals is going to be putting up 20 fighting game titles this weekend and one of the titles leading the way is Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Regarding registration; it has closed, however emergency registration will be Click to read more! [...]
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We are now nearing the end of the second month of 2014 (time sure flies by fast), and so, Sony Computer Entertainment has opted to create some nostalgia by hosting a Back to 2013 sales special, starting today and ending on March 3rd, where you can purchase and download your favorite Playstation titles on the Playstation Store for your PS3, PS4, or even the PS Vita for up to 50% of the normal price...or, if you have a Playstation Plus subscripton, you'll get a 75% discount off the usual sale!

Among those titles, as you may have expected, Click to read more! [...]
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Virginia's Civil War tournament holds a special place in Injustice tournament history -- it was the first major event for the game, the week of its release. Those of you who watched or attended might remember the rise of Chris G (and his cast of characters), the nailbiter Batman/Aquaman grand finals, the appearance of FlipKev, or the emergence of VA's Mr. Aquaman. Now, RVATournaments is set to etch a milestone in IGAU history with a one-year marker that begins a second chapter in Injustice's competitive life. And for a limited time only, there's a special deal available to those who register ahead of time: Click to read more.. [...]
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WE HAVE RETURNED AND CHANGES HAVE BEEN MADE!!! This week DarthArma, KitanaPrime, and myself are joined by Winter Brawl 8 Champion KDZ, Zod of The Hut, and TestYourMight's own moderator CrimsonShadow. Theo has been fired and replaced by the superior Superman. We wish him the best in his future endeavors(joke). We have heard your cries and fixed our audio problems, so now you can hear my stupid comments in HD!

The topics we cover include:

00:53 Apology to Brady and Zyphox props
5:00 KDZ relays his thoughts at Winter Brawl
12:30 Pig shares his experience as a viewer; speaks on Viking305
15:45 Forever Top 8
26:00 Pig's message to counterpickers
26:52 Glass Sword's Rise to Fame
34:57 SonicFox props
37:37 KDZ's character crisis
59:00 Is Flash Top 5?
1:05:00 KDZ's matchup chart
1:39:16 Final Round will be receiving a pot bonus
1:41:00 @coolwhip shoutout/KDZ comments on losing Player of The Year Award
1:47:21 The importance of pre-registration
2:00:00 Should TYM adopt a formal player ranking system based purely on results...again?
2:12:46 SCR predictions

Click to listen.. [...]
by AK Pig Of The Hut at 11:56 AM
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There's definitely a reason to come a day earlier for Final Round.

Thursday night before Final Round kicks off on Friday, there will be a special pre-Final Round local with a pot bonus as listed below.

The pot will be $400
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Tonight at Blu Planet Kombat we have the following:
@Ray Riazy

Big weekend for the Blu Planet Venue as we have the 4th weekly session this Friday and the 2nd monthly Judgment Day Saturday. Back to back days, 14 total hours to ensure you evolve to the next level! If you're in the Tri-State Area, you don't want to miss this! Click here for more details! [...]
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The Kombat Houston crew is pleased to announce the return of their weekly local series, Kombat Monday! After a hiatus of long, agonizing months, the lively Injustice community's hype levels have touched the KH players, pulling them back into the swing of things! And as an explosive start to their return, they have changed up some things to add new twists and turns to their Injustice tournaments.

For starters, instead of the mainstream consoles, @Cat will be streaming the Click to read more! [...]