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Zoning options Glow does not work on


Bomb Setups & Ball Rolls(Mileena/Cyrax)
Credit to @Marinjuana

Jade's Purple vs Shang notes

Projectiles/etc. that hit Jade:

Soul Steal (BF2)
Corpse Drop (warlock's DF3)
Scatter Souls(Spellmaster's DF3, but the amplified version does not hit)
B2112 string
Fatal Blow(And yes, his wakeup!

Projectiles/etc. that don't hit Jade:

Straight Skull (Warlock's BF1)
Ground Inferno (Warlock's DB1)
Screaming Soul (Spellmaster's BF1)
Crashing Flames(Spellmaster's DB1)
Inferno Barrier(Kustom DB2)

It looks like a lot of Shang's zoning tools don't effect jade which is good... however his corpse drop does feel like sonya's drone drop so that is something to look out for. Also his B2112 string is pretty much like a projectile, but of course NRS wouldn't gimp out their DLC characters...
Edited your post to correct variation names