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Your top 3 characters for MK12?


I am generally fine with more 3D era characters returning because some of them could be great. I thought there were some good concepts for characters in the 3D games that just weren't fully realized, but could be pretty bad ass with the modern rework. Personally, I would like to see the roster be about 1/3 classic characters/ 1/3 3D era, 1/3 all new.

Personally, I would also accept no classic characters, some 3D era ones, and 80% of the roster being completely new. I just think for the series to meaningfully move forward you have to leave the past behind at some point. I also understand that I am in a small minority on this.

John Grizzly

The axe that clears the forest
Going to go with characters not seen in the last game:

1: Ermac

2: Reiko

3: Takeda

If I had to choose one MK11 newcomer to return, it would absolutely be Geras. Geras along with Shao Kahn were the only characters I enjoyed from MK11. Geras has so much potential and I love his design. I can only imagine how crazy you could go with a character like him.

And yes, I know some people don't like Reiko but he was the only character I enjoyed playing in MK4 and he was very interesting lore-wise in the MKX comics.
Enenra Smoke (ninja looking but with crazy enenra style specials/fatals)
Ninja looking Ermac (pleeeease be done with the mummy stuff, he looked horrible in MKX)
Human form Reptile (have his disguise subtly drop when he gets hit by certain things, between round taunts, during certain specials, etc)

Law Hero

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Makes me happy to see so many 3D-era characters on people's top 3s. I really hope MK12 is the big revival of 3D-era characters, stages, and lore that I expected MKX to be.