Your favorite Mortal Kombat Klone Fighting game is ???

Discussion in 'Fighter's Depot' started by MKF30, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. MKF30

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    So was wondering which MK clone or klone you guys have ever played is? The reasoning doesn't matter could be for the comedy, gameplay or just because it's close to MK for whatever reason. Pretty much any fighter that has either digitized actors, finishing moves or blood like MK etc

    My favorites are these lol.

    Though I would have to say this game was always fun and funny for me.

    Post yours.
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    There was a PC fighting game
    Back in like 1998
    Almost exclusively about robots
    And the Fatalities were called either Executions or Exterminations
    And I cannot for the life of me remember what it was called.
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  4. Eddy Wang

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    Killer Instinct
    then that one with bullzeye from N64
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  5. SaSSolino

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    I don't know any, but the one with the naked pixellated girl in the thumbnail seems nice.
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  6. MKF30

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    Really? Hmm, doesn't ring any bells. Executions sounds familiar though...

    I know when KI first came out, they had the closest thing to Fatalities called "Humiliations"
  7. Rise of the robots or its sequel rise 2 ressurection. A truly terrible game.
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  8. Ki 1 definitely had something like fatals. Fulgore used to turn his head into a gun and shoot the other player if I remember correctly. Ki 1 had stage kills too.
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  9. C-Sword

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  10. MKF30

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    Yes, you're right. Someone had one where they turned someone else into a chicken or something? Yeah I remember that too thinking "oh shit it's like MK" when they did the ultra combo then finished with an uppercut knocking the guy off a building and onto a car.

    @C-Sword lol I never heard of that game but it's hilarious. Mario in there is so's like a MK knockofff graphically, with SF music and gameplay.

    Wasn't there another game called Dive Kick where I know it was only kicks, but I seem to remember a MK knockoff character named Kung Pao or something and a SF knockoff looked like the dude with the baseball cap and ponytail but can't remember the name atm.
  11. Roy Arkon

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    WWF Wrestlemania the Arcade Game and WWF In Your House, both have used digitized graphics and they both had Finishing moves, although Wrestlemania had only one and that was for The Undertaker. Wrestlemania also have been developed and published by Midway, although not by the same team of Ed Boon and John Tobias.

    And like I've mentioned in another thread, Red Earth AKA Warzard, although only Kenji and Leo had Fatalities in it.
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  12. MKF30

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    I always considered WWF and WWE games more entertainment/sports titles more than fighting games, but the finishing moves aspect definitely from MK for sure and the digitized actors seemed to really kick in once MK was super successful with it I've noticed in the 90's.

    Never heard of Red Earth, sounds interesting. I have to check out some of these games listed for sure.
  13. Roy Arkon

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    Those 3 particuar WWE games were indeed more arena style games then wreslting games due to their gameplay and lifebars, although the way to win in the first two was to pin the opponent who could've escape once in the final round (and the finishing moves were called in IYH Super Pins) just not without the 3 count and All Stars had you win by doing a powerful or a finisher once your opponent's health was flickering red. WWE Immortals is also a fighting game from NRS themselves.

    And yeah you're indeed right regarding digitized graphics, and yeah I recommend you to check out Red Earth.
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  14. MKF30

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    Yeah I hear ya, just always felt different than your standard fighter you know? Grappling moves, pin counts etcThere was also a Wrestling game called

    WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game by Midway

    I definitely think the WWE and WWF games that had finishing moves got the idea from fighters or MK without the blood of course. Yeah, WWE from NRS is definitely more hardcore for a Wrestling game, I was referring mostly to the past wrestling games in say the 90's to early 2000's. But yeah you know a NRS Wrestling game would be more hardcore lol.
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