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"You will submit!" - cR Wound Cowboy wins RM NoBrows's final online IGAU tournament!

RM NoBrows

Supah hawt fiyah

Congratulations to @cR WoundCowboy, you have shown everyone the true meaning of fear with your dominant force that we know as Sinestro! Just about every set that was played in top 8 came down to the wire.

Unfortunaltely, @bdizzle2700 couldn't make it, so ando took his place. Armor couldn't finish the tournament because of plans, so I played the last set for him because I was runner up in the same pool he was in.


- My man @Doctor Stabs showing off his grundy in a very close set with @ando1184
- "Martian who? Batgirl?". @ARMOR doesn't know what a 2-8 mu is, taking @Splash down to his last breath, beating his MMH with cyborg. Switching to batgirl did not help splash's cause
- @ee_too and @SaltShaker having a set that came down to the last game with some awesome raven and supes play
- @Dja_Homies and ee too going at it in a set that came down to the last hit

Match Results

Winners round 1- One87_dja-0 vs. cR Wound Cowboy-3

Winners round 2- RM Armor-3 vs. Khaotic Splash-1

Winners finals- RM Armor-0 vs. cR Wound Cowboy-3

Losers round 1- RM Doctor Stabs-3 vs. Ando-0

Losers round 2- One87_Ee_too-3 vs. Anti-Scrub-2

Losers round 3- One87_Ee_too-3 vs. RM Doctor Stabs-0

Losers quarterfinals- One87_dja-3 vs. Khaotic Splash-0

Losers semifinals- One87_dja-2 vs. One87_Ee_too-3

Losers finals- One87_Ee_too-3 vs. RM NoBrows(CW)-0

Grand finals- One87_Ee_too-0 vs. cR Wound Cowboy-3

1. cR Wound Cowboy (sinestro)
2. ee_too (supes)
3. ARMOR (cyborg, zod)
4. one87_dja (nw)
t5th. Doctor Stabs (grundy, sinestro), Khaotic Splash (mmh, batgirl)
t7th. Saltshaker (raven), Ando (ga)

@RM JagoBlake

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Kaz...... I'm already a Fiddle.
i don't see the big deal? it's not 10-0, idk a thing about the char and anything can happen online

i'd prob lose again too
You know what this means. When armor and shazzy are in the same local there shall be a cyborg vs mmh set. Just for the fun of it and hopefully I don't see shazzy struggle in a 8-2 (9-1 to @ARMOR .)


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@RM NoBrows thanks again for putting the tourney together as well as streaming. I'm sure it took a ton of effort and just wanted you to know it was very much appreciated and almost every match was hella hype. Can't wait for more of these in MKX.

Shoutout to everyone who played. The talent level on PS4 went from "so-so ish" to the real deal with so many people on it now. I agree with @EMPR_MURK, if we are able to do one last tourney I'd be down again. The competition improves each tourney we hold.

Lastly to the 5 Raven mains left on Earth, getting Top 8 wasn't enough, man I was aiming for like a Top 3 upset! I was convinced I'd get it but I cracked in that 5th match hard. Gotta work on them nerves. The salt was so real lol. I'll let it slide since it was against such a great player like @ee_too though.

Glad to participate and bring some good games to the tourney and look forward to the next one, whether it be Injustice or MKX.


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The dream was real. My brain nearly exploded playing that matchup:D

edit:I promise I'm not prop fishing:DOGE
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RM NoBrows

Supah hawt fiyah
This could be pushing it but i think we should have one more ps4 tournament before mkx. I say the last weekend of march or the weekend before mkx comes out. That was too much fun even tho i only played once lol.

If someone else wants to organize it cuz I don't want to lol.