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"You will no longer need this!" - Kan-Ra General Discussion Thread

Kinetic Balding1

Day 1 Phenomenal Cyborg
Discuss all your thoughts on Kan-Ra here. Share tech and discuss strategies with Kan-Ra.
I will start....
After playing him for a week, It seems his main strategy is to keep you out. His down medium punch, heavy punch, down heavy punch, medium punch, and medium kick are all good to be used to keep your opponent out since most of them reach almost full-screen! Some setups I use is when I use the swarm ender in which Kan-Ra goes in the air and exhales a meterless, shadow swarm. In this situation, your opponent can't jump or he will get hit by the the swarm, so what I like to do is go for his half-screen grab, which is down-back light punch. If they stand and do nothing about the grab, they will get grabbed and be put back fullscreen. If he jumps, he will get hit by the swarm and I can combo him into the swarm again and put him in the same situation.

Any tech you Kan-Ras have came up with? Share here!
Long live The Ra!

@Mr Aquaman
Any other kan-ras
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