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Xbox and PSN Bane: All assemble!


My english it's not good
I know that there are one or two threads with this information, but its pretty dispersed, so I'm going to list all Bane users of both platforms, so we can easily find each other. User name first, then Gametarg/PSN ID. If I miss anybody, reply and I will edit. When I can play I usually create a TYM room, we can use this thread to also announce it so we get alerted and quickly join :)

A sticky will help, if we use only this thread we don't have to use 3-4 differents threads

Keep in mind that maybe some gametargs/IDs have zeros instead of "o"(mine, for example)

Dayvo - Dayv0
shad0ki11er 27 - shad0ki11er 27
LEGI0N47 - Legi0n47
AA25Mamba -AA25 Mamba
Gangsta Magic - Virgil146
OutlawNightmare - OutlawNightmare
big_aug - WVviaBC
coolcmcgee - coolcmcgee
PND_Mustard - PND Mustard
Miguel SSF4 Doc - Miguel SSF4 Doc
shaowebb - dynasty penguin
Oogalord - Oogalord
BiPolarExxpress - BipolarExxpress
Jagernaut - MisterHopkins
shaowebb - Dynasty Penguin
unVINCEable - unVINCEable
masuhdunkillyall - masuhdunkilyall
Blakexton - Mr Coswell
PoweredbyProtein - powerstar7
chief713 - AvG freeHUGS
Danzig - Nude Kintaro
Qwark28 - Qwark28
The Duke - vXTheDukeXv
Limelights - Limeiights
Tiger Wong - TheHolyVagabond
Skylight1 - DesiringCard68
KaptainKool - IKaptain K00LI
The Ryan916 - The Ryan916

@iMLGzus - Worlds8thWonder
@-Deadman- - PDM-Deadman-
@Doombawkz - Derplorddewgong
@Adam Todd - Ana-R-chY
Ravensbaine - RavensBaine
@OmegaRaven - raven2212
@Nori Batousai - NoriNY83
@NoobSaibot - JP_Thunda
@jfunkey - JFunkey
@Error - Pittyfulme
@RYX - Evil_PandasXD
@streetsweep187 - KILLA_STREETS
@Ratchet-Fabulous - Ratchet-Fabulous
@chief713 - chief713
@NoxiousDonny - NoxiousDonny
PunkMafia83 -YaRnToNpUnKMAFIA
MastrNCmmndr - Mastrncmmndr
Red Venom - BallisticKobra
BigC - BIG_C_23
Error - Pittyfulme
TheOriginalReg - TheOriginalReg
The Duke - THe_D-U-k-E
Ironicecho - Zuldrogo
Mister Raccoon - Mister_Raccoon
Zatoichi - Ketsueki_Wolf
TheBoyBlunder - FlexoHyland
Radish - RadiantBurrito
Kiss the Missile - DJ_MuddButt
Wait, Evil_PandasXD is RYX? I played an awesome bane on bane match up with him yesterday if I can remember.

Add my name to the list. It's the same on PSN.
Missed my name and see it now ><

Anyways please feel free to add me, when I am on I am going to be playing locally with my son and then online 50/50

Always up to spar when I am available. :)
I was going to knock the thread for being an umpteenth duplicate, but you consolidated everything instead of making it the usual repeated bane player tag thread lol.

Nice one:cool:


Training Mode
Add me and hit me up the next time you guys make a room ^(XBL - MisterHopkins). I usually appear offline so just shoot me a inv anyway


ffffaaaaaaak my Live situation is still a no-go. hopefully sometime within the month i'll be able to get back on it, i'm pretty strapped for cash and time and am saving up to move out of where i'm currently at but i hope to play with you guys soon