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Xanadu @ Laurel, MD


A seldom used crab named Lucky. AKA Citizen Snips.
Xanadu is running MK11 Thursday nights during its weekly FGC night and has a good turnout every week. MK11 starts around 8:45pm. The finals (winners, losers, grand) are streamed and sometimes a couple of the other matches too I think depending on the schedule.

This is a really clean and nice venue with bar/food places. The weeklies have had a good turnout just about every week and hosts monthlies as well with another monthly happening tomorrow. If you're looking for an offline scene to get better or just to have fun this is a great place to check out.

198 Laurel Race Track Rd, Laurel, MD 20725

Here is the smash.gg for the monthly:

Streamed matches are also uploaded to YouTube and found in playlists: