Writing at MLG Anaheim! I'd like Suggestions!

Discussion in 'Major League Gaming' started by KamikazeJD, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. KamikazeJD

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    As some of you may know I will be attending MLG Anaheim in the next couple of days. Fewer of you may know about my aspirations of becoming a writer. I love writing and the writing process and seeing something in my mind's eye coming to fruition. I had an idea last night and I want to know what you guys think. I am going to try to give a players prospective of competing at a high level and doing my damndest to be successful.

    Now, obviously I'm no Reo, CDjr or Detroit, but I think I can bring a prospective to the table that people haven't seen before. One in particular is breaking that stigma that the general population STILL has about gamers. We have a life outside of gaming, but we know how to balance the two and live a normal life.

    This, I'm thinking, will just be a blog of the time I spend up there and maybe even a few interviews. I am semi-interested in Journalism, but yuck man, they have some strict ass guidelines and criteria. Lol, I digress.. But I want to get suggestions on what people want to hear, what people want to see (I have a camera! On my phone.. lol. So don't expect some groundbreaking shit) and any general suggestions.

    The east coast vs west coast "feud" is something I want to see through. And when I say that I mean I want to see the east coast and west coast competing against each other at the highest level and when the fights are over we come together and have fun. I can't wait to meet VSM and kick it with the likes of Pig, my socal brethren, the Vegas cats (if they are going) and everyone else. I told Curbo I was gunna find him a lil cali broad to take back to mamaliscous and I plan on getting that done.

    But all in all, I wanted to have a little project to work on while I was out there and I felt this would be a task I could take on. So, please MK community, let me know what you guys want to see!


    Will be in Anaheim composing a blog and doing interviews. Want ideas on what people want to see at MLG.

    Sunday before MLG

    Wednesday before MLG

    MLG Saturday

    Brief thoughts on Quitting
  2. MLG Next week bro
  3. KamikazeJD

    KamikazeJD Makes women fap

    the same MLG brotha. I know it was short notice.. I'm a spur of the moment kinda guy
  4. Red Reaper

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    I want to see you body people with Error Macro!
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  5. KamikazeJD

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    Man.. I promise I will do my best with that.. I'm going in super optimistic.
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    You'll be the next Oscar Wilde <3

    Interviews seem like the best way to go probably.
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  7. KamikazeJD

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    Yeah, thats what ive been thinking too. I wanna know what people wanna hear kinda. But, I promise to have some good shit when I come back. Ima def interview Memito! The big lil homie
  8. Pig Of The Hut

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    This is cool stuff

    compare and contrast the different personalities per coast and per region

    demographics in attendance

    Interview players to find out various hardships they go through personally or competitively to prepare and enact
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  9. CrimsonShadow

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    If there's any aspect that needs to be expounded upon, it's all the hard work and practice that players put in in order to reach a tourney-viable level. Practice mode, casuals, frame studying, tech studying, and generally building a character up bit by bit. Playing the tourney.. Taking notes, making adjustments, asking questions, trying new things, and repeating the whole process.

    I think most people get the idea that everyone just picks the game up and plays it, and some people are good.. But it really became interesting to me once I realized that it's like a high-speed game of Chess. It's just as tactical as it is reactionary, and it requires the highest level of preparation and decision making.

    When you break down a great MK match in terms of strategy, decisions, counters, reads, and adjustments, it's like watching the X's and O's from an NFL game.

    Anyway -- I think it'd be great to see some of this explained for the average person. It's a lot deeper than most people think.
  10. KamikazeJD

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    Man! Thank you guys for all the suggestions! CrimsonShadow gaming, on almost all levels and all genres is like a high speed game of chess. Games like Madden you not only have to be strategic in picking plays and looks to set up plays for later in the game but you also have to play the down and distance of things and know when to risk going for it on 4th down and whatnot.
    While im there i think I will breakdown a match, to the best of my abilities, and try to explain it. Im not super technical in my explanation of MK but I think I can knock something decent out. I definitely will be talking to the top level players about dedication, time and money spent on the game, personal lives, and whatnot. I want to do that for all the games there, just to compare.

    On MKU MaceWind posted this:
    Try and get a behind the scenes look at the production that goes into a MLG event.

    Are the announcers briefed or are they just community members that know the scene.

    Find out about the intense amount of setup involved. There are consoles and computer hardware everywhere, who is responsible for setting that up?

    Interview some StarCraft players and see what they have to say about MLG picking up fighting games. Do they feel its a good marriage?

    Ask any KoF competitor why they like their shitty game. JK, it's really not bad but I judging from Columbus it will have the lowest turnout. Which is a direct contrast to the the participation levels at EVO majors. I actually believe they had more competitors at UFGT than MK. If this repeats, the obvious question is why the KoF community is not adopting MLG.

    Interview some of the lesser known MK tournament players. The people too shy or too infrequent to get any major press time. You know the community, we didn't have to wait for Smoke to do well at Toryuken to recognize he was a good player. Find those players. Ask how they plan on making their statement.

    I think this would be awesome to see behind the scenes and see how much work goes into an event like MLG. Even though we are in different communities I'd love to see what a player from LoL and SC2 do as far as prepping for an event like this. @pigofthehut I most definitely will be talking to the likes of @TomBrady, REO the @cdjr and other CD brothers, @16 bit and all ! come into contact with about their area and what its like traveling to events like this. The more I write about this the more excited I get. I am going to start writing about my thoughts on certain things right now and see how they change after MLG.
  11. KamikazeJD

    KamikazeJD Makes women fap

    For those still interested, I have began to write my experiences from MLG Anaheim. Though they aren't very in-depth, if anyone would like to know more I would definitely enjoy writing more! The interviews will be coming soon! If not tonight than tomorrow for sure, I also have a few analyses I would like to discuss with the community!
    I will post the link to the blogs I have written so far! Check them out and lets discuss!

    Sunday before MLG

    Wednesday before MLG

    MLG Saturday

    Brief thoughts on Quitting
  12. Had a quick minute to read so I chose the Quitting article and left a comment.

    I like the writing though, easy to read butI wish I could have been brought into the scene of what you were feeling and going through a bit more. That may not have been your intention with the brief article, but I still enjoyed it.
  13. KamikazeJD

    KamikazeJD Makes women fap

    Much appreciated ed! All im looking for is input so I can get people interested!! I did feel it was a bit lacking and I will definitely edit it tonight after work. Thanks bro!
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    Man this little bitch didn't even interview me plus we didn't go to roscoes.
  15. KamikazeJD

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    i was in hacienda heights man, thats like 40 mins from anaheim. and you were busy EVERY time I wanted to interview you. Which was only two times. I lost my pencil after talking to PL so I was like o well.. I started to get sick too man, too many people germs made me all sneezy.

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