Would you ever name your kid after an MK character?

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Would you ever name your kids after MK characters?

  1. Hell yeah, why not?

  2. Hell no, such a stupid idea!

  3. Hmm undecided, I think it depends on what the name is, hard to say

  4. Doesn't matter because if you do they can always change it later on

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  1. MKF30

    MKF30 Fujin for MK 11
    Premium Supporter

    Just curious lol. I had this discussion with my friends, they think I'd totally do it and also think I'm nuts if I did it. However, I told them that a lot of names in MK are actual real names and besides there's real names out there that sound even more ridiculous than MK names, video game names in general.

    I mean not saying I'd name a son "Cyrax" lol but Stryker is a legit name so is Hanzo or Johnny etc.

    Anyway, discuss. Think it's a big deal? Think it's crazy? Not a big deal at all?
  2. Spinky

    Spinky F4 bois

    Not really, but I named my cat after an MK character.

    RIP Kintaro.
  3. HeavyNorse

    HeavyNorse Edenian Assassin

    Yes, I will name my firstborn Noob. My secondborn will be named Hsu Hao. And my third for Meat.
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  4. Braindead

    Braindead High-functioning Scrub
    Royal Contributor

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  5. MKF30

    MKF30 Fujin for MK 11
    Premium Supporter

    I've always liked Jade and Mileena for girls names honestly. I also forgot, Tanya and Sonya are Ed Boon's real sister's names if memory serves. I would name the kid Ermac, but then I'd have to say uhh I like Earl and Mac so I just combined them so people don't ask questions.:D
  6. I always wanted a son, and I would have named him Jackson, or spell it Jaxon. So Jax would work.
  7. smaddy

    smaddy Noob

    I have a cat named Kenshi right now! Not sure if I'd name a child after an MK character though.
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  8. Wam-Zlay

    Wam-Zlay Noob / Reptile / Grodd / Sub Zero

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  9. HeavyNorse

    HeavyNorse Edenian Assassin

    Just name him Error Macro.
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  10. PapaRegadetho

    PapaRegadetho All hail emperor Liucifer Kang!

    Mileena is quite a common name in slavic countries,like in Serbia for an example. Jade sounds like it would fit good without people asking too many questions. Stryker sounds pretty good too,but would you dare name your kid after the most hated classic character of the franchise? Or on the other hand,how about Kano? Lul
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  11. YoungTeezy 305

    YoungTeezy 305 Work Hard Play Hard

    I have a nephew named Kenshi. The kid is half Japanese.

    A lot of MK names would be cool pet names
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  12. RYX

    RYX I will downplay anything for 5 dollars

    cringe if you say yes
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  13. Espio

    Espio Ask Me About My Kurtis Stryker Agenda
    Lead Moderator

    My niece's name is Jade.
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  14. TackyHaddock

    TackyHaddock Salty Mashers Krew
    Premium Supporter

    Ima name my daughter Shao Kahn
  15. freerf245

    freerf245 11 11 11 11

    Gonna name my first born Meat
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  16. Rice

    Rice SUP?
    Premium Supporter

    Actually im planning to name my first born son The Kollector.

    I know many people gonna misspell his name with an C instead a K but that makes it more unique.
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  17. YoungTeezy 305

    YoungTeezy 305 Work Hard Play Hard

    Please dont beat your meat
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  18. Rezk

    Rezk The nomad

    What? Nooo!!!
    Let’s go, Sektor! Don’t listen to strange people.
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  19. Baconlord


    no balls name your kid scorpion
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  20. HeavyNorse

    HeavyNorse Edenian Assassin

    I would never. I am going to love and caress Meat... tenderly.

    Why would you name your kid after an arachnid? That's just silly.
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  21. VSC_Supreme

    VSC_Supreme TYM's No. One L taker.

    I'd name my son Lord Raiden, and let him know to not let anyone disrespect him by just calling him Raiden.
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  22. Krankk

    Krankk Smoke & Noob

    Not a Mortal Kombat character, but I would name my son "Dante", after the protagonist of the Devil May Cry series.
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  23. Metin

    Metin White Ramses

    Having a child would be a nightmare, so long live my sweet Freddy.
  24. Back in the day I tried. Did not happen with a MK name but succeeded with a Tekken mane.
    PS: My dog's name were Kano and Sheeva.
  25. Saint Op Omen

    Saint Op Omen Savagely beating his super-ego with his id...

    Saint Op
    There was more too it then MK, but my daughter is named Kitana...it was before mk2011 was even announced didnt think there would be a new one, but she absolutely loves her name & is a little too happy to rule the NetherRealm...lol

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