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Tech Wonder Woman Frame Data


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The information here is for the most part correct, aside from stuff like Advantage on hit and block. That info was taken from in game, and while majority of it IS correct, some are rather off. Included are true frames of impact on whiff, hit, and block. I will make a note as to when it's fully complete.

***When opening the spoilers, it's best to right-click "view image" so that way it doesn't zoom in like 500%...***

Lasso Stance
Normals and Strings:
*d3- is active for roughly 3 frames(I didn't bother to really add active frames because from so much that I checked, they're only active on the frame of impact)
** both b3 and f3 are +7 on block

Straight Tiara
- 17f but due to it being a projectile, the fastest it will hit, is on the 18th frame. It will only hit on the 17th frame if used at point blank range without a combo(though this is inconsistent; 18f is pretty much the norm). 18f to roughly 28f of impact, ranging from being -15 to -4 on block due to distance. On the 32nd frame of it spinning, you can MB it on whiff(you can MB on hit the very frame it hits) and it will make contact on the 33rd frame. MBing it makes it +3 on block, and +29 on hit. Normal straight tiara is -12 on hit point blank.

Lasso Grab- Is active from the 24th to 25th frame. On block, if it makes contact on the 24th frame, it is +14; if it makes contact on block on the 25th frame, it is now +15. 20f of recovery when whiffed. When it makes contact on hit, there is a 4f delay until the special wraps around the opponent. I still have to check to see if this gap can potentially allow for an escape.

Amazonian Uppercut - -8 to -10 on block with two hits; -37 if only the last hit hits on block. When it crosses up, it now becomes +6

Amazonian Smash- 16f to ~26f for impact. On block, it doesn't matter as to how fast you hit them, or distance necessarily, but as to WHERE you hit them. The speed of impact is slightly inconsistent but the place of impact remains the same. For example, as you'll see below, hitting them at the tip of the head leaves you neutral, but if you hit them on the 18th frame at the tip, you're at -1, yet hitting them at frame 16 up to the 21st(only one i got recorded for the placement), you'll still be neutral. Here's a quick breakdown as to what it'll be 99% of the time:
  • At the very tip of the head, you're neutral. 18f = -1
  • Hitting them at the face/head area, leaves you at -2. 16f = -3
  • Hitting at the shoulder leaves you at -1
  • Hitting at the arm leaves you neutral. 23f = +3
  • Hitting at the thigh/knee area leaves you between +5 to +6
Bracelets of Submission- After its 4f startup, a parry is able to be done for up to roughly 15f after. When just thrown out, 37f of recovery!!!
*I have to double check with various moves, but from a few, WW is between +20-+25 after the parry. I believe this is mainly due to the amount of recovery the move itself has that she parries(this was on F23 derp's ice breath). She gets more advantage the later the move gets parried, and recovers faster as oppose to a near immediate parry though the total recovery is longer. Within 3f after the parry is active and a move does get parried, it takes her roughly 11f until she can move. When a move gets parried around the 15th frame after Bracelets is active, she is able to move 7f after.
Lasso Spin- 20f impact. Active until the 29th frame, but only in front of her and towards the very end of its active frames, it moves to the top of her

***Forward Dash: 17f
***Back Dash: 29f
Sword Stance
Normals and Strings:
*some stuff like b3 and f3 are subject to be tweaked. Still have to double check the change of frames for distance.
*112- on the 53rd frame, you and the opponent are neutral, so there is a 1f gap. It is enough to back dash, and for the inconsistent properties of parries, it is enough for it to be parried
*223- the 3 is active for 3f once it reaches frame 67(67-69f it can hit when on whiff)

Shield Toss - 17f but due to it being a projectile, the fastest it will hit, is on the 18th frame. Impact can be made from frame 18 to frame 27. Below is a look as to the block adv/disadv is due to distance:
  • 18f = -5
  • 23f = 0
  • 27f = +6
Shield Toss*MB - +30 on hit

Amalthea Bash- 11f minimum for impact, up to 18f. It takes a minim of 11f after impact on block before you can MB it, and it takes 18f for the MB to now make contact. You can only afford a 2f delay in between against parry characters so it won't be interrupted(by anything, parries aside). Against the others, to beat out a 6f move, you can only afford a 6f delay. Below is a look at her block adv/disadv due to distance:
  • 11f = -12
  • 13f = -10
  • 15f = -8
  • 17f = -6
  • 18f = -5
Amalthea Bash*MB- +9 on block. It's a very quick special that while it isn't a hard knockdown, your opponent has a very small window to mash for a tech roll. You are still safe regardless to dash in and if they didn't manage a tech roll, you can cross them up with your jump ins. Only in the corner on block, can you have B2 reach and not miss(unless they backdash)

Shield strike: 1f to parry. If used as a normal, 8f till impact; so from that 2nd frame to the 7th, is your window for a parry. -5 on block.

  • Used as a hit - +1
  • Normal Parry - -2
  • 2 Follow Up - +5
  • 23 Follow Up - +25 (with tech roll and wake up)
***Forward Dash: 23f
***Back Dash: 37f
***Cancelling from Lasso to Sword into a special takes minimum 13f***
***Cancelling from Sword to Lasso into a special takes minimum 10f***
*****Cancelling out of a bounce cancel (either back or forward dash) takes 7f minimum(that's the fastest I was able to get it) before you can cancel. Dashing back will remove 1f from the back dash duration itself as oppose to forward dashing which remains the same in duration. Continuing combos is possible by forward dashing out of a bounce cancel on hit, but at the expense of 2 bars
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Sure :) I recorded(have to do that first) his cancel advantage on block as well as cancelling from SD. I'll inbox you the data once I get it down
Thanks so much dude! I know he he plus frames since he gets a guaranteed d1 and even a standing 2 for some moves. He recovers fast from his forward dash, so if you cancel from the SD soon enough I think it grants him at least +2 on block.


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I put up cancel advantage on hit(missing a few I'lll get to tomorrow), but like 99% of them are up. Also included the duration of her forward and back dash in both stances as well as the duration for cancelling into trait, into a special. And lastly some Shield Strike frame data(still a little left to add there). I'll be adding more over the next few days so check back soon. Will be adding frame data on Amazonian Smash, Demigoddess' Might(on block, as well as cancel advantage), and Bracelets of Submission stuff.

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reserving for possibly a parry guide thing visually for both lasso and sword. and maybe if they both fit in one, if i do add that, then this one will be reserved for maybe a mini basic tutorial including follow ups. any posts i dont use in the end, I'll get rid of
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Yo 112 does have a purpose man, here's an idea I'd messed around with. Feel free to expand on it:



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from what i've been seeing, WW's lasso stance is for keeping momentum, and her shield stance is for reversing it >.>.


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112 trait mb shield bash?
Yeah that works, but I already added that under 112. The cancel advantage it has on block is truly the only thing it has going for it, but even so, you can get that much advantage to safely go into trait into bash*MB with b113, 33, and 11 which in themselves on hit or just on block have way more benefits than 112


Gunslinger since pre patch (sh/out to The Farmer)
Yeah that works, but I already added that under 112. The cancel advantage it has on block is truly the only thing it has going for it, but even so, you can get that much advantage to safely go into trait into bash*MB with b113, 33, and 11 which in themselves on hit or just on block have way more benefits than 112
Ah, oh well just a thought :p