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With the end of year fast approaching, has MK11 been everything you'd hoped?


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Where your expectations met, exceeded, or set too high? Biggest compliments you can give? Constructive (or less so) feedback to offer?

Are you excited for year 2 or have you checked out entirely? How often do you still play? What's your most requested character to see return that still has a chance? Meta-changing patches you want to see?

Pray, sojourn in the thread for a time.

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Its incredibly divisive, as someone who heavily promoted this game and made my entire community buy the Ultimate Edition from the get-go.

MK11 did a lot of things well, honestly, there is some of the greatest steps in the competitive community here.
The training mode update is out of this world, its everything i wished for, the continuous improvement of the frame data in-game, the tutorial mode is very well done. I can't deny how hype i felt especially when things you discuss often and suggest to the devs so see it implemented on the game such as the flawless block which they took it further.
The meter system overhaul was a very good decision.
The ability to turn off any assists that would make the game clunky and be just between you and your character and opponent's
Implementation of short hop and Krushing Blows to a certain extent were ambitious ideas.

But just as they took a good amount of step towards on the right direction there are things they took a step back and it feel short, once we moved on the 3rd month or so of the game the crack appeared and it's impossible to unsee it.

The insane fetish for ridiculous jump attacks, and braindead range, minus moves with insane blockstuns and safe moves with no blockstun at all.
Lows that hit ppl anywhere, making no difference if one is in the air
no invincibility on short hops
throws that become mid
insane hitboxes that that travel almost halfscreen, can anti-air, hit on the ground and in the back, it doesn't hit you grounded because the game doesn't allow it
the wakeup system
Insane KB and FB damage
The poke system is pretty bad
Fatal blows with pushback
short window to break a throw, throws being too fast.
Tedious single player grinding
very dry gameplay with bias support over some characters who have everything to help them play the game far better than the rest, some only having 1 string or 1 button to do everything

The good amount of ridiculous things that NRS didn't bother to think through or at least have someone to guide them on a more professional direction where they could have a fighting game that caters not only MK veterans but everyone else, a consistent game on the mechanics that it tried to present rather than trying to be flashy every year.

I like the game, but i can't shake the taste of disappointment on missed opportunity that this game would be so much better and polished if NRS decided to suck it up on their vision and just fix these bugs, allow every character to be a little more having tools with more depth rather than strike/throw, armor shit with fatal blow, mash shit, can't backdash properly because backdash is trash again, can't jump because even lows anti airs.
I hoped it would be have more viable set up and mid range characters/variations and encourage using the full moveset rather than 1 or 2 strings and specials per character.

It’s close, but as it stands, this meta ain’t it. If I could make a change, I would add a couple custom moves to most character‘s basekits and rework short hops.

The only character I want is Sheeva.
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I think MK11 has the best "core" of any of the fighting games that NRS has made. I think it's the most balanced game so far and mechanically it's less janky. No more running, stupid stamina bars, interactables are dialed back, etc. Overall I like the Krushing Blow system too, but I do think some need to be tweaked. Personally I hope the game gets major overhaul like MKXL or the Season system other games have been doing (SFV, Tekken 7 as examples). New characters, stages, modes, moves/attacks, and better rewards and this game can be 100x better than it is right now.

But currently the game is lacking. I haven't played online in literally months because the game got super stale quickly. First Round KO Jacqui was the only character that clicked with me but unfortunately even she got boring to play. Now there is no one that really stands out. I've been messing around with Noob in practice a little bit and I'm a little bit interested in him, but I don't really want to jump online still. Not to mention I don't have PS+ right now anyway, and it doesn't really seem worth buying to play this game considering how I feel about it currently.

Usually if I don't feel like playing online I still like to play singleplayer and grind things, but somehow MK11 has managed to be perhaps the worst singleplayer NRS game to date with Towers of Time, so I don't feel like playing that either. Still can't believe there are no other modes besides towers and The Krypt ended up being as terrible as it is.

Multiplayer is stale and the rewards are lame. Singleplayer is annoying and repetitive. The game needs major changes in my opinion, which I hope happens. I love MK so I really tried to like the game, but it's just not there yet. If they add more meaningful content and make some of the existing variations a little more interesting then I will play more for sure, but right now? Nah... Hopefully 2020 turns things around.
I love the game despite playing wheelchair Scorpion. Yeah I'd love for some things to be fixed like the ridiculous hit and hurtbox issues, J3s and the poking system where you have to be a jedi knight to confirm a d1 hit into a jailing s1, I still love it the most out of all MK games I've played bar MK2 and MK3, the latter just being part of my childhood.

I think the game is good, I'm just very disappointed in the lack of support by NRS. They acknowledged the hitbox issues a couple of weeks after release and there still hasn't been much they've done about it, and for some reason after half a year of the game being out they still tell me "Yeah it's a terrible 150ms WIFI connection. Just letting you know that the game ahead is going to be absolute dogshit, and no you can't decline it. Fuck you!"
nope. watered down the game and nerfed my character due to online feedback. fatal blow is stupidly made. little to pretty much no dev communication with not enough patching which is weird because everyone talks about it being the most balanced. this quest for the most balanced mk has pretty much sucked the fun out of what it means to play mk. overall it's an ok game. wish i had paid $40 or $50 for it.
Positives and Negatives prioritized (for me)

+ Best graphics/animations/design to date > great roster > good single player content > decent online/multiplayer content.
- Gameplay (patchworked variation system is flavorless > Fatal blows are a gameplay boner killer > neutral can feel like a flow chart at times)

I'll always give them a big kudos for trying something new, but this one hasn't been able to hold my attention.


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It’s definitely not what I wanted, but a lot of people like it and that’s good for them! I do think that the game could last for a long time if the NRS support is still going strong.


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I think the game is good, I'm just very disappointed in the lack of support by NRS. They acknowledged the hitbox issues a couple of weeks after release and there still hasn't been much they've done about it, and for some reason after half a year of the game being out they still tell me "Yeah it's a terrible 150ms WIFI connection. Just letting you know that the game ahead is going to be absolute dogshit, and no you can't decline it. Fuck you!"
This actually isn't true though -- they didn't make a huge announcement about it or anything, but quietly, in almost every patch they make a few hitbox adjustments. I doubt they'll stop, and that means that over time a lot of these issues will continue to to be fixed.


of course not but that was to be expected. It at least improved overall when you compare it to the previous pc versions of nr games.
the only thing which keeps me away from playing more theni do right now is that people stopped playing casual comp mode and ranked/combat league having no filter option.
At this stage the hit box issues are inexcusable. They should have been fixed months ago. The laziness of nrs is out of control. To hell with dlc and towers fix the damn game. Wifi filter for combat league is a must, and they made points better but too far apart in rank players should not be divying out multitudes of points, tighten the ranks like tekken, they have a good system. Put in line kbs, one character thats a plus frame Rushdown safe string monster shouldnt be killing an entire life bar with kbs, plus locking you down with super staggers while other characters struggle with one weak kb and weak staggers. Online as fast as these frames are the game just doesnt function properly. Things are unpunishable. Personally i wish theyd just slow the game down, it feels like its getting faster and faster and with dial a combo that you have to commit to, online its almost like you pray and spray, then eat a string and get d1 to death which jails into something. Its stupid, slow it down so we can 100% make good choices when playing online and punish bs accordingly. Probably an unpopular opinion but its beyond toxic for the game and i dont want this game to bleed players. Nobody wants to learn a game with as much jank and bs as this game does. With that said, love the game

And stop lying with the ping counters, i feel like its always 50ms more than its advertised. And develope a system that detects massive spikes in a game that was green lit to be under the 150 ms mark. And punish accordingly, kill the match take, give points, something. The lag switchers and bad connections are out of control for something that we r forced to play to recieve gated content. Make kl fun, nobody wants to play past demi god cause its pure cancer.
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Definite NO. I've liked other MK games more than this MK11. The weird hitboxes are an incredible turn-off for me. MK9 and MKX def had some weird hitboxes, but not nearly as noticeable as MK11. I'm cool with the idea of Krushing Blows but I just don't like being distracted by zoom-in cut scenes so frequently. Not to sound like a jerk, but it really feels like they released an unfinished product with MK11. (I have no proof or anything, but I've been playing fighting games since 1991, so this isn't my first rodeo)
Not everything, but I still like the game. There's a few things about it that I don't like, which I've talked about here before, but at its core, it's an improvement over MKX.