Winter Brawl VI - Official Pool Brackets (1-8)

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    Gonna put this up real quick for everyone viewing the Kombat Network stream via - We have 80 players and 8 pools... it is looking monstrous. There are a lot of heavy hitters here and we are starting very shortly. Attached are all of the 8 pool brackets. pool1.jpg pool2.jpg pool3.jpg pool4.jpg pool5.jpg pool6.jpg pool7.jpg pool8.jpg
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  2. SunnyD

    SunnyD 24 Low Hat!

    Nice. I cant wait to see Tom Brady show off his Raiden (his new main is raiden right?). But im rooting for Lt Box, i hope you destroy everyone with Ermac lol.
  3. 1man3letters

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    Pool 7 is dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  5. Zangrief

    Zangrief Noob

    I wanna see Tom face that kid again in pools!
  6. DanCock

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    I'm so fucked. 2 raidens and a lao in my pool im so fucked. Oh well I'm not good anyway.

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  7. Who is tom using? And did he play already?
  8. GGA Jeremiah

    GGA Jeremiah Unstoppable Jason main. Relentless for bad MUs

    Jer vs J360. Mileena vs. Cyber Sub. That was a good match.
  9. Indeed it was, especially the part that they both had a pixel of life left and where dodging each other left and right.
  10. Hellion_96

    Hellion_96 xX_Hellion96_Xx

    i got blown up by sabin on stream =(
  11. Gruntypants

    Gruntypants Real Soviet Damage!

    I enjoyed the Blackula vs Scoot Magee match
  12. Wemfs

    Wemfs The only morality in a cruel world is chance.

    I just wanna say that 9.95, I think it was, is a damn good commentator.

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