Winter Brawl VI - Mortal Kombat 9 Top 8 Matches

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    Let me start out by saying that this is NOT all of the Top 8 matches... but it is all but two I believe. I only had so much battery life on my camcorder and only had two memory cards that filled up pretty quick. It was very unfortunate too because prior to the Top 8 officially going on... I was fortunate enough to sit right behind REO as he trained before the rest of the Top 8 showed up. I would have loved to record his private training session as that alone "wow'd" me. Nevertheless, here are the matches that I was able to record from the Top 8 to the Gran Finals. I also want to apologize ahead of time as the Grand Finals do cut off due to my camcorder being full. Enjoy! And I got more video from non-streamed matches coming soon!


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    Thanks! I cant watch the vids on twitchtv from my phone so this is great.
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    CD makes such great use of Kitana's him!
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    LoL at Guile's comeback theme song.
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    Thanks a lot for the links.
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