Winter Brawl VI Money Match - Tom Brady vs VSM J360

Discussion in 'Front Page News (archives)' started by STORMS, Feb 21, 2012.

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    STORMS Owner / Director

    You know these guys by now certainly and what an exciting event it was to especially see Tom Brady's "Dark" Raiden. If I can remember correctly this is one of if not the only time that these two played either other at Winter Brawl. Without further ado, check out VSM J360 take on Tom Brady for a $10 money match! Dark Raiden vsJ360's Cyber Sub-Zero!

    Thanks to J360 for the video!

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  2. Derptile

    Derptile RIP Ex Smash

    Shoutouts to shaky camera work.

  3. G4S J360

    G4S J360 i Use a modded cyber now
    Premium Supporter

    Shoutouts to maxter filming other people during the match. Tom played really well against csz.

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  4. RapZiLLa54

    RapZiLLa54 Monster Island Tournaments
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    The sound effects plus Cloverfield like editing = masterpiece!
  5. EGP Wonder_Chef

    EGP Wonder_Chef Official Quan Chi Nerf Demander™
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    lol cyblax (or normal cyrax) vs sub is so one sided that it's ridiculous.
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  6. pherleece

    pherleece Woolay

    this was great. it made me forget about the UMK3 tourny
  7. pherleece

    pherleece Woolay

    and there was a Summoning sighting
  8. NKZero

    NKZero Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    Tom can say he's staying away from that "trash" character all he wants but he keeps going back to just isn't right seeing Tom using any character other than Sub Zero :( . Drop that Raiden BS and come back home!
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  9. Bidu

    Bidu the CHILL of DESPAIR

    He isn't stupid. He should play BOTH characters instead of just one.
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  10. NKZero

    NKZero Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    It isn't a matter of stupidity. I don't trust his match-up chart for Sub Zero. The character can win you just need to be patient and find the right openings. Yes it's hard, yes he's been stupidly nerfed but still.....and plus I'm all for character loyalty! Didn't that dumbass cop Stryker win recently? It's no different here...
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  11. LOL no, maxter did not main stryker. He is still low tier, he just used stryker to beat crazy Dominican at the end due to the match up. Characters like sub zero or stryker mainers could not win any major for sure. And yes, brady MU for sub zero is pretty accurate. Let me put sub zero against monsters like Kenshi, KL, kabal, kitana, freddy and you will get rape
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  12. NKZero

    NKZero Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    actually ur right on the Maxter part. but no Sub Zero does not have that many 7-3's especially if 7-3's are the worst on his match-up chart....
  13. lol you must be new to the fighting game community, I dont think how bad is the 7-3 match up is. People think its like a piece of cake. Plus sub zero 4-6 and 3-7 on most of the top 10 chart.... Thats bad, really really bad. Fighting against people like maxter with an even MU is already hard, add in a 3-7? or 4-6? thats impossible
  14. NKZero

    NKZero Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    lol wtf when i first replied to you i only saw the bit "he isn't stupid" (as u can see by what is highlighted). yeah tbh i wouldn't mind if he played both (preferably Sub Zero 1st :p)
  15. NKZero

    NKZero Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    that didn't make much sense. I'm new to competitive fighting yes. my point is, Brady said the worst match-up in MK9 is a 7-3 as seen in his match-up chart for all characters. If you are telling me Sub Zero has that many bad match-ups then he shouldn't even be in this's not as bad as Brady made it look
  16. Pig Of The Hut

    Pig Of The Hut Day 0 Phenomenal Dr. Fate and Darkseid player

    rise of raiden = rise of csz :)

    great stuff j360

    great representing
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  17. NKZero

    NKZero Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    wait why is only half the shit showing up on my computer then after i reply some new shit shows up? and yes i agree its that bad Salad Petresky but I don't think those numbers are wholly accurate...
  18. Panque

    Panque Random foreign guy

    Character loyalty doesn't means shit, play to win. Make a switch if you have to do it ftw. It's stupid to be loyal to a bunch of pixels in a screen, especially if that limits your potential as a player.
    He should play both Raiden and Sub, but I guess he should only go for sub when he faces CSZ... Maybe Cage, idk...
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  19. The reason why bad characters in the game is actually a good design. If a good player wants to play against a bad player then its like a handicap thing. And trust me, sub zero is that bad. He only beat low tier characters... and owns cyber sub. And 7-3 is a really really bad match up.
  20. He makes sub zero looks that bad because well.... he is in fact that bad. He loses to every high tier character, and that is that. I believe that not even Daigo can make sub zero (main sub from start to finish) win a major to be honest with you.
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  21. NKZero

    NKZero Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    I dunno. Anyways you know more than me I'm sure so I'll take your word for it. Really wanna see more of Denzell's Sub. That guy is incredible. Anyways yeah I'd just like Tom at least to keep Sub in the back pocket....
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  22. Konqrr

    Konqrr Rose Namajunas

    I hear "dammmmmn", then 2 secs later... "dammmmn" ... Then I skip ahead to the next match and immediately hear "dammmmmmmmmmn" lmfao... this shit has to stop!!
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  23. Panque

    Panque Random foreign guy

    He loses to: Cyrax, Kitana, Kabal, Fredy, Jax, KL (Badly), Mileena and Raiden to name a few. Thats enough to make him completely inviable at high level play. Im sick with people claiming he can win with good reads, like his opponent isn't making any reads as well.

    You may argue on the jax matchup, but only the fact that he has a low hitbox already fucks things up, not to mention all the armor, GP and etc.

    Oh yeah, forgot to say he outzones sub as well... Nice...
  24. Konqrr

    Konqrr Rose Namajunas

    Good matches guys... Brady's footsies are a little off, so many little things he could have punished that he didn't. Nonetheless, it was a good set.
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  25. CYracks

    CYracks Command Grabber

    Nice to see tom teleporting less with Raiden
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