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    So between today and well, tomorrow we'll be in the final stages of preparation for yet another major to hit the East Coast, Winter Brawl VI! We would also like to remind you of the World Game Cup happening this very same weekend in Cannes, France with 32 of Europe's finest Mortal Kombat 9 players! We will do our best to get a stream link as soon as possible! Okay, back to the US major... below is the time-table for the possible outcome for Winter Brawl VI. As we do not know exactly how many players we'll have at WBVI, this time-table is subject to change. Time-table created by Kombat Network's 9.95

    Ok, we're doing things a little differently at WB6, so make sure you take notes and plan accordingly.


    - If we have 64+ players, the tournament will be run in 8 POOLS.

    - This will mean your pool will have no more than 8-10 players per pool.

    - 2 players from each pool will advance into top 16 in winners/losers

    - Top 16 down to top 8 will be entirely streamed on Kombat Network

    - Top 8 will be streamed by Team Spooky on Sunday

    Winter Brawl Registration begins at 9am Saturday morning. If you're at the hotel, get yourself registered ASAP. The lines will be long for door registration, so be sure to get things done EARLY.

    MK9 Pools (64+ players)

    Pools A+B - 1pm
    Pools C+D - 3pm
    Pools E+F - 5pm
    Pools G+H - 7pm
    Top 16 - Top 8 - 9pm

    MK9 Pools (if we have less than 64 players)

    Pools A+B - 1pm
    Pools C+D - 4pm
    Top 16 - Top 8 - 7pm

    If pools finish early and time exists before the start of the next set of pools, we will run a special event of either money matches or a team style match(3v3/tag/VSM vs World, etc).

    Pools for MK9 will be created at NOON on Saturday. The pool assignments will be posted outside the door of the MK room so that all you need to do is check what time period you will need to be available to play in your pool.


    - UMK3 will START on Saturday. It may finish on Saturday depending on MK9, but all who enter UMK3 should be prepared to play at 4pm on Sunday.

    - UMK3 registration will be held in the MK room, starting at 2pm on Saturday.

    - UMK will begin on Saturday at 5pm.

    - UMK3 is being run on Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection on 360.**

    **I know there has been controversy over MKAK in the past, however we can no longer justify the insane amount of setup time required to setup UMK3 on MAME. It takes appx. 1.5 hours to do this with all the different controllers and has to be completely re-started when connecting it to the stream. UMK3 on MKAK offline plays well enough to begin using it as the standard for tournaments at this point.


    - MK2 registration will start at 4pm on Sunday in the MK room.

    - MK2 will begin at 5pm on Sunday.

    - MK2 is being run on the original PS3 release of the game.

    3D MK Game

    - While not decided yet, one of the 4 3D MK games will be represented. I will create an additional thread to determine which one.

    - Registration will begin at 2pm.

    - 3D MK will begin on Saturday and may finish on Saturday depending on MK9, but all who enter should be prepared to play at 4pm on Sunday.

    Killer Instinct

    - KI registration will take place on Sunday at 4pm in the MK room.

    - KI will begin at 5pm on Sunday.

    - KI will be run on MAME, 2 sticks will be provided.

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    Are there any plans to get other (aside from MK9) MK games on stream or at least recorded? I'd love to see some MK2 Kitana <3, and some Fujin from either MK4 or MKA if anyone plays him. Good luck everyone!

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