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Win a Chance to Make the MK11 London Reveal Event


Confused Thanagarian
News Editor
If you've been under a rock, Netherealm Studios is hosting two events on January 17th showing off Mortal Kombat 11 and all those sweet details they are ready to give to the public. One is an invite-only event located in Los Angeles, the other is open to the public in London. Well, it was until they sold out of tickets. BUT ALL IS NOT LOST! The crew at East London Fighters is giving away two tickets to the event, so if you can make it to London, this is your chance.

This is where it gets a little complicated. Are you ready for this? First! You need to login to Twitter. Second? You need to go to this tweet here. Third!? You just need to like and retweet that post while giving East London Fighters a follow. So not actually all that complicated. Worst case scenario, you just have somebody new posting stuff on your Twitter feed. Best case scenario, you've got the chance to be one of the first people to play Mortal Kombat 11 before it releases on April 23. So what do you have to lose?

And if you missed it, TYM will be covering the event in both locations. So you will also earn the chance to hang out with @Charybdis on top of everything else. Don't miss out, and make sure you can actually make it. Unless you have a passport and flexible work hours, my fellow US peeps might want to leave it for the EU crowd.


The Fantasy is the Reality of the Mind
So the elves got 2 tickets. Hope some lucky bois get these two to attend there. Good luck.