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Widow's Kiss HTB concept.

Second Saint

A man with too many names.
It needs work to tighten it up since it seems fairly easy to block as is and a combo we can actually end in teleport, but there's some potential here. Works midscreen too.

Strangely enough, this is actually almost identical to the optimal combo from Widow's kiss I've found so far. You just do the puddle a bit earlier so they hit it in the air, does like 230 in the corner.

Here's some further expansion of this concept
In playback 1 I did a simple hop 3/4 similar to the original. I tried this on a friend and he quickly learned how easy it is to fuzzy guard. bags 90 dmg off the overhead and 146.50 dmg off low
In playback 3 I did empty hop into b4. there's a significant gap before the b4 hits which i was able to d4 counter hit with dvorah. 70 off the b4 and 129.50 off both
So far it seems the reward is just not there when you could just continue the combo for 243 damage and a great knockdown

However in playback 2 I play it twice but as you can see when the db1 is blocked the hop attack comes out while if the db1 hits the hop attack is feigned and the throw came out. I'm skeptical about whether or not this is a true option select because it could very well be a bug with the playback feature. Seemingly the only way to confirm is to have a second player block the low as you perform it and see what happens

Second Saint

A man with too many names.
Agreed. The reward is just not high enough as things stand to make this valiable. It's one of the reasons I'd like to see widow's kiss sped up so that it could be used as a combo ender. At that point, when you're only losing say 70-50 damage off the top of my head, it's much more viable.