Why WIFI Sucks

Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by Crusty, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. Barrogh

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    Tbh using WiFi connection that runs through entire flat, house or whatever is begging for those exact issues people dislike WiFi warriors for.
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  2. Oh I don't disagree with you. I've drilled holes in the past in order to remain wired. But if someone were to be renting, that wouldn't be an option.

    I'm not at all defending WiFi, and I can't stand the inevitable lagfest that ensues when matched up with someone on WiFi. But in some instances, it's totally out of their control and not as simply fixed as that other guy suggested.

    It's too bad WiFi users don't just get matched up with other WiFi users, while wired players get matched with other wired players. Is that a thing yet? I've gone back to MKX so I've been away from I2 for a while. If it's not, it needs to be.
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  3. I have that same situation and I did exactly that , I ran my cable all the across my house up 2 sets of stairs N into my game room , I got the premium cable with the most oxygen free copper cable I can find and made my own cable . I did have the freedom to do what I want tho Since well it’s my house so I had time to plan and setup my stuff to my liking
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  4. DubiousShenron

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    cheetah is too fast for the lag, best lag character confirmed.
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  5. Baconlord


    If your router is right next to your ps4 then Just do a wired connection
  6. SoundsLikePAUSE

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    I experienced worse than this in ESL Hometown Heroes and was told to "work it out with my opponent". Thank, Paolo, War of the Gods has banned wifi connections.
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  7. Sesal Snow

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    I have the option to play wired downstairs but only in certain circumstances as my house hold is very busy and many people come and go. This is why I mostly have to use wifi now I don't have the option to even run a cable through my house for a few reasons.
    Animal's I have many animals that will destroy the wire's no matter where they run to and from.
    I cannot drill any holes or staple cable due to my house being a listed victorian house and requires really strict rules when it comes to getting permission if there is any leeway for things like this.
    For the most part my Wifi connection is fine but it is still wifi so there are those days when the connection is just absolute garbage and I have to live with this.
    I think the only option to really combat this problem on fighting games is as many have mentioned to be able to decline anyone. This would mean that people could just scrub hunt and boost their stats and it would make ranked null void this way but what else could they do? If wifi gets put against wifi the two wifi players will still exp lag at some point and many people would still moan that its unfair that there are two different matchmaking options.
    End of the day I think we are going to have to put up with it.
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  8. Wavy

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    There was a huge post I think it was on a reddit sub though w/ detail about wifi gaming. Don't even know how to find it again though since it was a while back.

    The issue is an already shitty internet more or less. A wired connection wouldn't help that in the vid. It only really matters if both players have really good internet and want the closest to "offline play" as possible. (Meaning the absolute best available internet speed offered+wired) Still, an impossible feat. Funny enough I can connect to a wireless player in the EU w/ extremely rare spikes however I can't connect to someone in Canada. But yeah, the first fault is poor internet provider or they're paying the cheapest possible plan.

    In short: It's not the WIFI that's the issue in the vid. It's someone having shitty internet.

    Edit: Also if NRS did put all wired users able to accept/decline I'm almost certain a fair amount of the online scene will be almost dead because of how much it splits the community. Business wise that's a terrible decision. I think it's fine where it's at right now. What's the # they decide on accept/decline anyways? Not often does wireless mean shitty internet from personal experience.
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  9. Nobus3r1

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    Incorrect. The correct solution would be to implement a better version of what SFV does in showing you the connection of the person you're about to fight (better than SFV here would mean their actual ping as opposed to some nebulous 0-5 bar BS), whether they're on wi-fi or not and their disconnect rate (i.e. how likely they are to quit on you). You do not display who the opponent is until both parties have confirmed that they'll be participating in the match. A region filter would also be appreciated. An option to universally filter out wi-fi would also be a good idea.

    Also, for perspective on wi-fi vs. not. I played against HappyPow last night. He is in France. I am in Maryland (United States). Our match had a lower ping (~90ms) and was more stable than just about every match I've ever played against wi-fi frauds (most of whom are presumably living in the United States).
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  10. Sesal Snow

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    This is a very good point.
    I don't like SF so I never even thought about that sort of system and yeah Wifi can still be fine I play people from the states all the time with an average of 70-90ms and barely get hiccup's in connection unless something is going wrong on my end i.e bad weather, Huge amounts of traffic or a problem with my net in general.
    I mean we pay an absolute fortune for our internet as it is used by many family and friends for work and leisure so it does pay to have good Wi-fi but this still is not going to be fool proof and there will be hiccups, as someone mentioned above both players need to have somewhat decent connection for it to be good in-game.
    I do like your solution to the problem though.
  11. I just wish injustice used the same netcode as killer instinct on xb1 , when I first got the console and just moved in day one I using my neighbors WiFi and I still had flawless connection some how
  12. Cashual

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    If the people who spend ten minutes typing out why they can't run Ethernet cables spent that same ten minutes actually figuring it out, this would be moot.

    Drilling a quarter inch hole and patching it would be absolutely invisible, I've done it. You can also pop off the base board trim, drill a hole behind it and notch out the back of the trim for an inch or two. You can also pull up the edges of carpet along the wall, and stuff the cord under the carpet and tuck the carpet back down.

    Run the cable along the base board or even along the ceiling with electrical tape and spot test to make sure the tape won't strip paint. Or just run cable loose on the floor only when you're playing sets online. You can get those cord covers made of rubber to plop over the cable to mitigate tripping or deter animals for getting after the cable

    I just can't believe the avalanche of excuses that people unleash for something as simple as runnng a cable.

    There may be a few people here and there that have such true undeniable barrier from going wired, but that's just not the case for many people.

    But hey, play on wifi, I don't really care. For the most part my games online are very good even with wifi opponents. I agree with the statement that first and foremost, the quality of the internet connection independent of wired or wifi is the most important factor in a good playable match. But going wired is a controllable variable that clearly helps to ensure that a good internet connection will more consistently perform that way.
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  13. AkioOf100

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    Ain’t that what I said
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  14. Israel

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    Now you understand how Professors catch their students not paying attention.

    Deduct him points for not listening...
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  15. methademic

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    WiFi sucks because it only sends packets one way at a time, as opposed to a wired, full-duplex connection that can send and receive packets simultaneously. If you really wantd to know. It is also hindered by the number of devices on said network for the same reason, you end up waiting on other, possibly slower devices to do their communication before your ps4 sends off your laggy d1 mashing.
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  16. Dankster Morgan

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    I don’t like hate WiFi users or anything, I don’t care. It’s just no fun to play them and I’m freakin lucky any small chance I get to play, so I don’t wanna play them. Just give an option to decline anyone for any reason.
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  17. NeroOps

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    You can test the connection of the opponent by holding up or down direction so the cursor moves between two characters. If the character image pause a little when it rotates between the characters, the connection is more than likely bad aka wifi user. You can quit while your in the character select screen.

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