Why is this game 3 outta 5?

Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by Compbros, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. Compbros

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    I understand all the positives, mainly that it allows a person more time to adapt, and CEO gave way to some fantastic comebacks and hype moments thanks to 3 outta 5 but, honestly, the game doesn't need it.

    I2 caters to a lot of playstyles and matches, even with a single health bar between them, can run long. My match with Wound Cowboy was almost 15 minutes long and that's just one match between two competitors out of four hundred. Even heavy damage and mixup characters like Adam and Canary can have matches run a good amount of time.

    It made sense with Injustice with its heavy 50/50s, ridiculous damage, and all around bullshit. It also made sense in MKX with its focus on rush down playstyle. With those two games a match could be over before you even grasped what happened.

    On top of that the 240 second timer makes it so you'll never see a time out so matches will run their full length. I don't get why the time limit is so high that a character like deadshot can't see a time over while zoning the whole match.

    I think right now it can be argued since the system and characters are new and it may take a moment for people to adjust but as the game moves forward I see no reason why it should remain 3/5.
  2. haketh

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    KOF_XI Player
    I agree with you

    A lot of streamers & TOs agree with you

    The community & NRS wants 3/5 so it's not gonna change
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  3. Rathalos

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    Yes 3/5 is way too much.

    I know what Paulo said, but right now, the game is a huge time soak.
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  4. omooba

    omooba fear the moobs

    it's not about how quickly you die or how 50/50 heavy the game is. It's about the life bar reset. sf5 gets a life bar reset between rounds so each game is a legit best 2 out of 3 with same meter bar. same thing with tekken, each round is a new life bar. we don't get a life bar reset which is why 3/5 is perfect and should definitely stay that way.

    idk why y'all are complaining about it being a huge time soak like bruh the more i see of my game the better and the more time they get to adjust the better. the point is to see who the better player is. more games is never a bad thing
  5. Sage Leviathan

    Sage Leviathan UPR_Sarah_Silverman_

    If you would prefer to lose 0-2 just when you finally downloaded your opponent, be my guest.
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  6. B. Shazzy

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    lul comp be honest buddy how many times did you get downloaded for doing random canary drops after you were up 2 in a set
  7. Awkward Sloth

    Awkward Sloth Lamest Harley, still better sloth than Jer

    If it was 2/3 I would've gotten outta my pool at CEO. So I might be a little biased on this one right now...
  8. esio

    esio Noob

    Perfect answer. And I'll add a little thing. Nobody complains about that smash/melee can take 15min or more each set. And they even have more competitors.

    So yes, 3/5 for I2 is fine.
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  9. Wavy

    Wavy I played Ares

    I do think the game is 3/5 but I agree with the timer being a bit long. If I recall correctly one of the pools match, I think it was Chyna v FacelessMan had matches that should've ended at minimum 30 seconds earlier. I think they had 15 seconds left on the timer on one of them. That set felt like forever. A 3-0 sweep like that should not have taken almost 12 minutes of time.

    That may not be a normal situation nor the top players of the world. But it still shouldn't happen in pools.
  10. wtf dude. you are a tournament player and would rather leave it to chance? this game has to be 3/5 man. really messed up opinion and im confused.
  11. Take$$$

    Take$$$ gotta take it to make it

    Pools still ended in time, and that usually is the biggest potential issue when discussing set length. Also while bracket runners get better every year, and how what they do is a thankless job(from competitors at least) despite how crucial they are to tournaments running at all, a major problem is how there are lots of times in every game, every tournament, where almost all the setups at the pool have NO ONE on them for a good 10+min despite there being 10+ ppl still left in the pool.
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  12. Mikemetroid

    Mikemetroid MK Mythologies: Injustice 2
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    After the hell we went through to get 3/5, I am not fighting to go back. Leave it be.
  13. Every game should be 3/5 tbh. Tournament match being 2/3 leaves too much to chance - even at the most stacked and consistent games. The ft3 really gives time do adapt, you have more games to counterpick. In a ft2 if you lose a match and try a counterpick you're locked in that character no turning back, no second chances, so everyone sticks to their guns most of the time. I don't think we would see a Joker from Sonic Fox yesterday if the set was 2/3 for example.
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  14. Zionix

    Zionix AKA Ponkster

    Lets just go first to 1 life bar and see how it pans out.
  15. DevilMaySpy

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    Compbros makes valid points. The average time for a stream match was around 12 minutes, which put us behind schedule during both sets of pools and limited my options. Thankfully, I got the majority of hype matches, but there are several I had to omit because of the time crunch, and I had to beg to squeeze a few in. I miss the days of us being so ahead of schedule that we could stream damn near every big match, regardless of entrants.

    I just don't feel like this game has enough BS in it to justify 3/5 during pools because it's so good. For the most part, if you lost, you got outplayed. The only issues I see are Atrocitous' trait and Black Adam's damage. I'd be cool with us doing it the old KIT way; with 3/5 being reserved for Top 16 and Top 8.
  16. Brack1sh

    Brack1sh Chimpanzee that!

    Seriously, we've been clamoring for 3/5 for years and now that we have it we don't want it? Let it rock
  17. John Grizzly

    John Grizzly The axe that clears the forest
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    Let's just make it whoever gets first hit wins the whole set. Pools will be over in like 10 minutes.
  18. SM StarGazer

    SM StarGazer The voice of reason in a Sea of Salt

    Start pools earlier. 3/5 stays. Cause I gotta touch you 6-8 times to kill you compared to some people's 2-4....hahaha balance.

    Anywho....2/3 would cause half of ya saying yeah change it back to change sides again once Sonic starts 2-0 fools again. Or would you honestly like 2/3 against fucking Batsy? Nope.
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  19. Ns_Brutalmileena

    Ns_Brutalmileena Goddess of the Hunt

    Alot of this tourney wouldof been way different if we didnt have this download time. I got all the hype i needed this weekend. The longer the sets the more accurate the victory imo.
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  20. The Highlander

    The Highlander There can be only one

    You guys are crazy for wanting 2 outta 3. First to 3 allowed so many hype moments... I could see if it were a legitimate issue for tournaments but it wasn't.

    Who cares if we don't see every pool game. Quality>Quantity, the comebacks were fantastic on stream.
  21. Exactly, I don't need to see every single match. I want to see long matches between good players and have competitors have the chance to adjust and make those epic comebacks.
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  22. RiBBz22

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    5/9 with grand finals being 17/33
  23. Tweedy

    Tweedy Noob

    With a lot of games, each match is a legit 2/3 in itself, like MKX or SFV. Inj 2 is just one match with 2 lifebars per game. It has to be 3/5, there really is no argument for less. You can say "oh lol zoning bro makes matches longer", but that doesn't disregard the fact that you have less chances to play than on other games.

    Time just isn't an argument. Without the breaks, Inj 2 top 8 took as long as SFV top 8. At that point you're just saying that SFV deserves more time because it's Street Fighter.
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  24. These tournaments span over three days now instead of two, so who cares how long a match takes. Keep it like it is.
  25. SwagMountains

    SwagMountains Yes we Kahn

    As a conpetitor I would much rather have a 3/5 and feel good about winning or losing to my opponent. Tournaments aren't about streaming, or the spectacle, they're about competition. I'm sure the time matches take can be annoying to TO's but 3/5 gives more chances for the better player to advance. Being able to watch top tier matches is a priveledge, not a given. Do not diminish the competition to try and put on a better show or get better viewership. Slayer puts in ten hours a day practicing and you can't be bothered to give him 15 minutes for his match? C'mon man
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