Why is the reptile juggle considered taboo?

Discussion in 'Reptile' started by Ninja Ryo, Dec 26, 2007.

  1. Ninja Ryo

    Ninja Ryo Noob

    It's funny, i can do a smoke, kabal, ermac and even a jade combo and compliment on my skills at mortal kombat but the second i pull out a reptile juggle which takes about the same about as the combos of other charcters, I get call cheap, unskilled at the game and recommended to get a life and a female counterpart. To this day i cannot understand this way of thinking, someone please enlighten me here.
  2. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    Who said that?

    I can see how being made into a volleyball can piss people off, but the Rep inf is my personal fave, and just for showmanship, looks the best, and worst, if its being done to you.
  3. Ninja Ryo

    Ninja Ryo Noob

    any other opionions? because i get booted everytime I lauched an oppenent in the air with reptile but they seem to have no problem with me when i do it with smoke. Maybe it's just me, or maybe people have a thing against ninjas (pun intended). I was just curious if anyoneelse notice the same or similar things with reptile or even other characters.
  4. O Juggernaut 0

    O Juggernaut 0 Ambassador

    Reptiles juggles is harder than those you mentioned. Maybe since they can't do it they resort to "If I can't do it, you have no life".

    One of my friends sayd that to me all the time just to be funny. It get annoying after 1 time though.
  5. Shock

    Shock Administrator

    It's getting used enough now that people don't like it. When I was the only person who could do it on XBL people were always like "Oh shit! That's crazy! DAAAMN Is that an inf!?"
  6. Derek

    Derek Noob

    Kids on XBL are homos and don't recognize when something takes even the slightest bit of skill. If you can do something they can't or didn't know about you're a homo with no life and don't go outside and are apparently a virgin. I just like to sit back and listen because every time some random kid goes off on me I always find out something about myself I didn't know. Say did you know my cock is so small that it goes inside me?
  7. MKF30

    MKF30 Fujin for MK 11
    Premium Supporter

    The way I see it honestly since I went thru that shit with the 3D MK's on live is this...

    Who's the bigger loser? The guy who plays vid games often, has a job, family etc but loves vid games and can do infinite combos even..


    The guy who hardly(so they say) go online and when they get beat act like a little girl, throw insults and takes a game seriously as if they just lost a bet.... :roll:

    Personally, my vote is on the second one....I mean I know there's many gamers out there that "take gaming seriously" not saying you shouldn't try to win or if you get cheated to say something but I'm referring to those kids that Sugar just described that just love talking shit(most of the time I've found the biggest trash talkers are just that "all talk") or the kids that take loses so serious..

    Halo 3=ha, ha tons of losers that take that shit personal....I just say, dude I don't give a shit about being "godly" in this game, it's a game and games are meant for fun..."get a life" for taking this shit AS serious as you are.

    Sometimes depending on my mood, I'll say something...
  8. I never really use reptile because I can't manage his elbow dash volleys if I play a character I want to be able to play them to their maximum potential I don't know maybe I'm too slow or maybe I need a year to practice it lol.
  9. dreemernj

    dreemernj Ambassador

    If someone says that, they should just stop playing the game completely.

    It's not easy to do. And people don't like when someone else can do it to them.

    Any time someone makes those stupid insults to another player's personal life they just automatically lose.
  10. Droopy

    Droopy Noob

    You are on my friend list and we play somewhat, you have done it to me more often than id like it to happen, and i have gotten mad. Not at you but at myself for letting it happen. I tried working on his volley juggle to no avail and praise you on such skills i cannot achieve. Should anybody else indulge you on your personal life, they dont know you and they just simply dont have better things to do than make comments to somebody who hands them their asses back in a platter. Keep it up!
  11. A lot of the morons online don't realize that a lot of the tech shit in UMK3 actually takes quite a bit of patience and practice to fully master.
  12. Just ignore whoever says shit like that and just keep owning them. If they are ignorant enough to say crap like that, then they should not be playing the game.
  13. If you're offended by it you're a baby get some stronger mentality my friend if someone calls me a nerd/cheater/loser I don't care :p The way I see it the majority of the human race are scumbags anyways so what they say doesn't really affect my current mood it's nice to own people, make them angry when they say stuff like that they're about to cry trust me. They can't take being owned.
  14. kartar

    kartar Noob

    now we do
  15. MKF30

    MKF30 Fujin for MK 11
    Premium Supporter


    Anywho, taboo? You sure that's the right word for this thread man? :shock:
  16. darxyde

    darxyde Noob

    It's a rare thing. That's why SOME people bitch about it.

    I was in a room and felt like showing off, got a 6x juggle, and all I got was "wow!" "Dude you're the MK Master!" blah blah blah.

    It all depends on who you play with.

    And yeah, I've played you and you're good with reptile, but there's always delay with us. NinjaRyo45 right?
  17. Shock

    Shock Administrator

    I've had plenty of people drop on me for merely doing the 3x juggle, I'll hear "Oh not this shit" and then they drop.
  18. Ninja Ryo

    Ninja Ryo Noob

    Shock, most times I don't even get that far, some people start complaining as soon as I pop them up before the combo even really begins. If people were as fast with their jabs and combos as they are with quiting, I won't win very much. Seriously, I can't quit as fast as many people even if I tried.
  19. It's hard to do and it looks really cool. Any time you are good at ANY game, the people who can't do it think you must play this game ALL DAY, have NO LIFE, and all you do is sit around and practice. It's just close minded stupidity. Ignore it and kick their ass.
  20. O Juggernaut 0

    O Juggernaut 0 Ambassador

    Especially in this game. I would pay a person who has played this game for a week $1,000,000,000,000 if they could get x3 volley with Reptile. This game takes SOO much skill compared to every other game, its not even funny. So when they say(and they will) "you have no life" just say "We're all refreshed and challenged by your unique point of view". They won't know what to say and you will win.
  21. HAYRON

    HAYRON Noob

    I don't necessarily have a problem with that specific combo. I just have an issue with infinites in general. If I know that an opponent is going to play the same character every single match, and use the same infinite every single match or 70%+ combo, then what is the point in playing them. It's just boring.

    That's why you won't get trash talk from me. I recognize your skill and respect it, but I just don't feel like playing what will essentially be the same match over and over.

    Win or lose (I've done both, though, Ninja Ryo, I think I've lost to you) what's the point in playing someone like that. In most cases, I won't drop. I just won't start the match if I recognize the gamer tag of a repeat offender.

    (ggs by the way)

    I think with the lower skilled players it's more of a "if I can't win because I can't even get a hit in" thing. These guys just feel like there is no way to beat you if you do infinites, so what would be the point. And if they've seen other people do the infinites, then when they see you start it, they know what is coming.

    The problem is that these kids will never improve because they won't get to play high-level players who don't use infinites. They'll get used to seeing massive combos and infinites. They will get irritated and will not play with non-infinite users, simply because of past experience.

    Sometimes you have to give these guys a little opportunity for improvement. That's why IF I beat someone more than a couple times in a row, I will start selecting my mid-level and then low-level characters. It's just fair play and will hopefully improve the MK community by making it more accessible.
  22. DarkMoon

    DarkMoon Noob

    solution: Stop playing little kids.

    The End.
  23. I personally think it's hilarious when people drop because they are getting owned, or when they talk shit because they are getting owned.
  24. kartar

    kartar Noob

    I only hate it when people talk shit when they are obviously better than me. If you're consistently handing me my ass, I know you're better than me. I don't need to hear your shit talking when I haven't said a word the whole match. We're all just trying to play, ya know?
  25. MKF30

    MKF30 Fujin for MK 11
    Premium Supporter

    Yeah, I totally agree man. I hate trash talkers...and most of the time I've noticed a lot of trash talkers are just that "all talk" even if they can back it up, still is it necessarily? who gives a shit if someone is better then you, the real, classy, good players will do what guys like Jeter, A-rod, Mo Rivera do in baseball guys I'd say equivalent to that on here seem to be Moe, Lex and Shock...yet you don't see them talking shit all over the place saying "I'm the best, I'm good and I know it"

    People can be subtle and humble about it, thing is some people aren't unfortunately... :roll:

    But I hear ya dude, I dealt with that shit in MKD and MKA online...really annoying xbox online, I know it's the same with UMK3 and any fighter in general. I think the thing that irritates me the most is when someone has you already beat prior to even playing you...man ohh man I've felt really satisfied after beating players 10-4 or 10-2 or whatever....after they had me beat or "owned" before we even played matches... :twisted:

    If this ever happens with you man, you watch how fast they shut up...

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