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Why is most of the DLC kharacters stuff locked?

Cosmetics are a big part of this game - there was no way DLC characters would have everything unlocked. I understand your frustration, but it is what it is.
So Shang's gear is locked... So it means that it will add a lot of stuff in the already large pool of items that the shrine picks the rewards from ? GREAT.


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so none Shang's costume in the Krypt ? hmmm .... interesting, so they will not update/upgrade the Krypt for the new DLCs ? shame on you, NRS !! :mad:
I'm really curious what MK game you guys all played that didn't have every thing locked from the start.

I understand the base kharacters being locked but Not dlc, Especially for as much is they charge for six characters and some skins. This game is already ridiculously hard to unlock everything and so damn time consuming. I’ll never have the time to unlock everything. I need an unlock all option just like MKX because this is bullshit

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oh, hope so .... they have to outlive somehow Krypt usefulness , hehehe .... putting DLC stuff on there, renewing chests with skins and gears from the new characters ! :)
Fuck that. Not trying to refill chests so I can run around the same locations unlocking more useless consumables and augments.

You already know its going to happen. NRS is eventually going to allow you to buy costumes with time crystals. And they're going to act like benevolent deities when they do. "Some fans just really want to play online and skip the towers, we get that, so we're finally going to allow you to unlock whatever skins and gear you want with time crystals. Remember though, all of this is cosmetic and can be unlocked in game" insert beatoff emoji here
That's pretty weak NRS...
The grind is already over the top for this game.. don't make us pay for DLC that WE PAID FOR ALREADY! I don't buy tickets to Disney to wait in line and hope I get into the park

Seems like a money grab to me. Charge people for the DLC character... Then charge again for the Unlock All feature down the road which is really what we want by buying the DLC in the first place.

I love MK games and will (probably) continue to get them in the future but damn... This game has been the most fustrating of all of them.