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Why is Kabal so gay?

O Juggernaut 0

I beat this guys Kabal with sonya. He was pretty good but all i really had to do was block and wait until he came close and grab him with her legs.


Wow, stop whining. This topic is so annoying that it pisses me off on a personal level. Another thing is that the last time I played you, I was playing as Cyrax, and you played as Kabal. Interesting for someone complaining about it so much, no?

Anyways, the only time I lose to ANY Kabal player is when I play Crazy Dominican. But then again, he beats me with any character. You just need to practice more instead of complaining.


my favourite matchup is stryker vs kabal. I love it. Stryker is so good at zoning. If your kabal isnt spot on a good stryker will give you a hard time.


Please don't take this as an insult, because I know that you are a good player...

I also find Kabal to be a very difficult character to play against, but I am improving. The reason for this was I did not block efficiently enough. You can not do alot of the things against Kabal that you can easily do against other characters. A good Kabal player will capatalize if you leave the ground, or rush blindly. Your guard must always be up. I still struggle against a good Kabal player with my Reptile. I love to use Kabal, but for some reason hate using Kabal vs. Kabal...but have really improved against a good Kabal player by playing Mista over and over and see how to throw out ducking lk's and uppercuts at the right moment during a rush. As well as containment forceballs. Try and mix up your strategies with Kabal so you can have a better chance against him.

So I guess what I am trying to say is, Kabal isn't a "gay" character...he is the top of the tier, he makes you play his game, so it is necisary to adjust and find the weakness.
Heh, i just play a defensive reptile or ermac against kabal and counter with combos. The Kabal's that bug me, are the ones that do "psychic" spins (Crazy Dominican's in particular).