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Why does catwoman get this privilege?


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I hate to sound like an extremist but at this point, I think I should make it clear just what’s been on my mind regarding this character.

Catwoman’s low profiling goes against all logic, fundamentals and rules of the game. If you compare to, I dunno, the rest of the better characters in the game, those characters still play the game whereas Catwoman just doesn’t.

She gets something as broken as this where the risk/reward is always in her favor. Considering just about every character gets exploited by this, it’s safe to say the following should be in order.

If NRS doesn’t get their shit together and adjust the character to be in line with the rest of the game, I feel that the character (until such adjustments happen), should be placed under a (at least temporary) ban from future tournaments.

Call it kneejerk overreacting, but if NRS had the common sense to remove the pushblock glitch back in igau (which was broken btw) and TYM considered Sinestro banworthy because of it until they removed it, I don't see why the same logic can't be applied here.

TL;DR - If NRS won't do something to rectify her bs in any way because of whatever reason, the only logical step here on out is to petition for a ban and force it out of them. She doesn't play the game and pretty much does what she wants where other characters don't have the privilege to.


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I am 90% sure I've had robin's DP just completely whiff against this at some point also

EDIT: And it has 100% happened to me when using robins F2 (which is an overhead)
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