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Who's a character you always felt was underrated or overrated in the tier placement?

Can be for any game. Personally, I always felt Baraka in MK9 could've been like a tier higher. Move him from like D tier to the bottom of C. He's got a lot of issues, but he's also got some things going for him, particularly with his special moves. Still by no means a good character, but grouping him in with, say, Noob Saibot always felt odd to me.

Deception Ermac would be another one. Another character who isn't great by any means, but I've seen people place him as a bottom 5 character which doesn't sit well with me, especially given he can get some decent unbreakable damage.


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Sheeva in 11 is super slept on. Solid damage, insane mix, solid zoning, decent range. She was overnerfed for sure, but no way is she bottom 5.
Mk 11: Sheeva

She has a basic string for EVERY situation, the caveat is none of her strings fill more than one role. So now it's 100x harder to use her but she's still dirty

Injustice 2:

Black Manta. Yes, everyone thinks he's pretty good but I still firmly believe he is the best character in the game. Safe half-screen string lol

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EZ Mac is not just a gimmicky beginner character , he's actually legit bullshit. Fuck this character.


I still think Zatana is dumb

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You're right, she should've been ranked lower than Sheeva

Special Forces Sonya is underrated :cool:

I learned how true that is because XBL C88s during MKX felt the pain from 3x EVO medalist C88 xMyGodx. He brought whole lot of pain to us with Dronya as he made us do ft10s with him as a test & only a handful of players knew what to do (I was one of the lucky few that could actually win the set).

He made Top 32 at EVO (I think 15th) without ever grinding the game or learning MUs, he just went with the flow & did 50/50s. He made experienced players throw temper tantrums too & made a player smash his pad at EVO. He was beating Semiij in clan wars like he was nothing.

This is one said C88 test:


I don't know about Tier list placement, but I do feel like there were a lot of good Injustice 2 characters who had a lot of untapped potential, if people would have spent a bit more time with it.

Shania Twain

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Rain in MK11 is underrated. But really it just depends on who ur good with. The early games I still know most of them like the back of my hand IE MK1-3. Especially MK2 and UMK3. I still think Mileena is top tier in MK2. No doubt.


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Supergirl was overrated throughout pretty much the entire lifespan of Injustice 2 and got nerfed because of it.

Scorpion was overrated in both MKX and MK11 and got knee jerk nerfed in both games because of it.


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A lot of people put Cetrion as top 5 in MK11 which I agree with, but I do genuinely believe she's the #1 of the game. I see the arguments for Liu/Joker/Jacqui being the best and find a lot of the ideas valid, but Cetrion is just the most MK11 character to ever MK11 and she's underrated being usually set towards the bottom of top 5. She has the best ability in the game to abuse regenerating meter, has the perfect combination of movement speed / dash distance to move in/out as needed in every single matchup, has a teleport as a complementary movement option (and can be done in the fucking air lol), threatens every single angle at every distance, is ALWAYS able to reset neutral into her favor, has low effort block safety mindgames off every touch at close range (both of which result in reset neutral), amazing block frames on her zoning options, long range normals, multiple fantastic AA options (including a low profiling poke), anti-zoning options, good chip damage -- the list goes on and on.

I've said it before and I think it bears repeating: out of everything that has and hasn't occurred during the life of MK11, the final state of Cetrion is the #2 biggest disgrace on NRS' part in my opinion (beaten only by leaving the custom variation system to rot after unceremoniously tossing it out).


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I think Tanya (MKX) is often underappreciated. At best people say only Dragon Naginata deserves to be in a good tier, but I think Pyromancer is good too. Kobu Jutsu is probably her weakest variation, yet it's better than some other characters!


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Anyone telling you MK11 Kitana isn't good is straight up lying to you and therefore can't be trusted.