Who would be changed the least by losing their projectile?

Discussion in '[MK9] General Discussion' started by DragonPick, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. DragonPick

    DragonPick I don't play Runescape

    And no. No Kenshi allowed. I don't think his stuff counts as a projectile... Does it? Anywho, who would have the least change from losing their projectile(s)?

    Probably Sindel...
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  2. kabelfritz

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  3. miloPKL

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    id say jax
  4. NB Semi Evil Ryu

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    Semi Evil Ryu
  5. Playpal

    Playpal Noob

    nightwolf, jc and rain

    sindel needs her projectile
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  6. FrothyOmen

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  7. NKZero

    NKZero Premium Supporter
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    Playpal said it perfectly. Maybe Sonya as well.
  8. Goldy

    Goldy Goldbae ♡
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    Sonya came to mind first.
  9. SwiftTomHanks

    SwiftTomHanks missiles are coming
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    Lol, nightwolf for sure. He loses nothing, unless we are counting lightning too.

    Cage only loses frame advantage with ex.

    Quan chi. Sheeva.

    That's about it imo.
  10. PND_Mustard

    PND_Mustard "More stealthful than the night"
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    cyrax losing his projecitle properties of ex saw wouldnt be too bad
  11. ImmortalSkillit

    ImmortalSkillit SteeevRay

    Quan wouldn't lose too much, i agree, other than in the Kitana match up, his skulls are quite useful there. ..Sheeva too, although her projectile is nice to close a round out, since its rather big and hard to jump, AND it hits mid, can't duck it (hell, ex fireball hits overhead)
  12. CptXecution

    CptXecution Brain Dead Bro
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    Raiden and Baraka

    Johnny Cage needs his force ball for EX FB pressure
    Nightwolf uses his arrow for the "Fly Trap"
    and Rain uses his bubble in combos.
  13. CptXecution

    CptXecution Brain Dead Bro
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    Quan Chi has EX frame advantage when hit confirmed in a string and dat EX fireball overhead? Sheeva needs that lol it does SO much damage plus it's a mid hitting projectile when not enhanced.
  14. SwiftTomHanks

    SwiftTomHanks missiles are coming
    News Editor

    I counted net as a projectile. Would assume cyrax players would miss that...a bit.
  15. SwiftTomHanks

    SwiftTomHanks missiles are coming
    News Editor

    The on hit advantage with quan and nightwolf is so so imo. On block advantage is where its at.
  16. CptXecution

    CptXecution Brain Dead Bro
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    Very true and agreed 100%....just saying it's part of their game.

    Characters like Raiden and Baraka need their projectiles the least. (334 ex li....nm we all know what happens there)
  17. 16 Bit

    16 Bit Mash d+1~Cat Claws
    NetherRealm Studios

  18. Well, Sindel needs it lol. Her combos won't be affected, but her overall game would.

    I'd say baraka
  19. AK L0rdoftheFLY

    AK L0rdoftheFLY I hatelove this game
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    Nightwolf by far has the absolute worst projectile in the game. Eh arrow is sometimes useful but overall, his arrow is pointless. That's why I wish it guaranteed a lightning or a safe jump like other characters.

    But nightwolf is the answer your looking for.
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  20. Z-911-Z

    Z-911-Z Bone and Metal

    T4L Z911
    As a Nightwolf main, I can say for sure that the arrow is absolutely useless against a seasoned player. Everytime you hit an arrow, you probably could've went for ex lightening instead. It starts up too slow and recovers too slow, so it's only really safe from full screen against someone who can't teleport or counterzone, which is only like.....maybe eight characters?

    I wouldn't really count the lightening as a projectile, it's more like Quan Chi's runes except if it autotracked, was unblockable, and was much more balanced then it appeared on paper.
  21. Playpal

    Playpal Noob

    In terms of playstyle, rain and nightwolf would stay largely the same without their bubble and arrow respectively. Nightwolf more-so since Rain can use his bubble for resets and meter drain. JC also wouldn't change much since JC would still be the best rush down character without ex fb. Using ex fb for anything else (meaty pressure, closing space) is pretty gimmicky.

    I'd mention baraka but almost every baraka I've played has made moderate use of his projectile. Then again I haven't played a good baraka.
  22. 1man3letters

    1man3letters Alpha Tarkatan - Moderator
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    id get rid off barakas spark for...in order of priority
    ex charge has immunity vs projectiles (wouldnt be so crazy since he wouldnt have one for trades anymore),
    f4 to be special cancelable again (minus the chop infin obviously)
    old chop chop back

    before someone he fine the way he is,play baraka for a week,then you'll quickly agree
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  23. Z-911-Z

    Z-911-Z Bone and Metal

    T4L Z911
    I'd trade in arrow just to make Nightwolf's F3 a low.
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  24. THTB

    THTB #IDoMachines

    x THTB x
    Sheeva's fireball hits special mid and is only duckable by lowering your hitbox even further than crouch. Also, EX has armor and is overhead, does like 16% damage, too. She needs her projectile.

    Characters that don't need their projectile: Nightwolf, Raiden, Sonya.
  25. A F0xy Grampa

    A F0xy Grampa Problem X Promotions
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    Sektors straight missle isnt exactly an important move

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