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Who are the 5 DLC characters? (place your bets!)


Thrill Kill

So STRIVE has a confirmed season pass 1 with five confirmed characters among other things (another story episode, new stages, colours)

This is a mix of wishful thinking and realistic possibilities. What are your predictions?

My list:

-That Man
-Robo Ky

And of course... Jack-O/Aria!!

and I want all the minions! lol


I know ABA has 0 chances. She probably won't be in another GG ever. And even though I'm total garbage when using her, she could still be interesting.

I'm not sure about Baiken this time around.

What are yours?


Philanthropist & Asshole
Johnny, Bridget, Venom, Sin Kiske & Baiken.
Elphelt will be back, but not in season 1.
I don’t think Aria/Jack-O or That Man will be playable.
Either Slayer or Haehyun and I'm good.

Who I think is likely?
  • Some form of Aria
  • Slayer
  • Testament
  • Johnny
  • Dizzy
I personally don't find Asuka to be all that interesting but I'll admit his chances seem decent as well. If they do put him in maybe they can sell me on cool gameplay.
Knowing these would receive great redesigns:
Baiken - best gg waifu
Zako-Dan - could be really unique multi-character
ABA with a redesign could be dope
Sin Kiske
Leopoldan - jk;)
Aria but not as Jack O